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Monday, October 24, 2011


Wow, that mohair is GORGEOUS.

I'll be waiting for your new post Wednesday then?

Need coloring pages NAO!
Pretty frog hair.

Boy, I hate it when those things that you think are much bigger than you think turn out to really be much smaller than you think. /o.O

So fess up... are you the one who took Squishy's cold, dark heart? I hear you're collecting them.

So Joan sends you pounds of fiber at one go?! Wha? She's clearly trying to keep you out of trouble. That blue/gray colorway is very afternoon sky-like. Pretty, even though it's not pink.

Finished post tomorrow?

The mohair is lovely.

Are you saving up for NaNoBloPoMo?

Thanks for sharing that :D And yeah, do you have my cold dark heart? I need it back please, ma'am.

Day of the dead! day of the dead! I'm all over that!

Looking forward to seeing an FO. The only reason my stuff gets blocked & pictures taken of it quickly now is that I'm selling the designs. I still have an unblocked shawl from about 10 years ago. Oh, and of course you're a spinning machine.

Looks like a fine kind of madness! :-)

Look at that yarn! It's gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing the coloring pages:)

I pound of frog hair is going to take a LOT of time. No wonder you aren't planning to post again this week. :-)

Will be waiting for the blocked FO...but will wait patiently...until next week or so! ;) No pressure.
The yarn is looking excellent. Another pound?? Wow. That'd make one honkin' big shawl!
If I can decide between markers and colored pencils, I'll be getting coloring pages too.

Maybe that should be a contest- how much yardage from a pound of frogs hair? Looks lovely, I like the blue and browns together.

Halloween coloring pages? How cool is that? Love the frog hair. It's so purdy. As for the busies? Yup, you got 'em. Post when you want. We'll be here. Hugs and stuff, girlie!!!!!

oh oh,,, lovely lots of yarn but what do you mean not knit with it?!? what the hell are you going to do to that beauty woman?!?

Gah. The Busies. They're so damned pesky.
GORgeous yarn!!!!! I am loving those colours!

Frog hair? I know what each of those words mean, but...


Pretty pretty MMM!

That yarn still hasn't hit the water.
It looks good/great now, but we will see.

I'm afraid of mohair, but now I see it's beautiful when you spin it. Please don't tempt me to try something new. :|

Oooo what's in the water? :D

That is a LOT of mohair. You are a good sport.

That is some damned gorgeous frog hair, lady. You posted this on... Monday? Where have I been/where did the week go?

Happy (belated) Monday. And now it's Thursday and I hope that's better.

Those coloring books are really cool! Thanks for the links!

Love your yarn as always. Ever gonna try to spin something *not* frog hair?? ;-)

A pound? Wow. Lovely colors.

Love the soaking purple. :D

Love the coloring links.

I made it just in time to contribute to the fundraiser.

Oooh, I cannot wait to see it after its bath.

A pound of merino/mohair/madness? Beware of blends with greater than 25% madness content ;) It will be lovely frog hair. I really like the colors in your new yarn. It is sure to give depth while not obscuring any patterning you might choose.


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