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Tuesday, October 04, 2011


You're on a tear today, dumplin'. Where on earth did you find the energy???? Hugs.

Taco day!? Now I know what I'm having for dinner tonight.
So sorry you ran out of yarn AND you're getting spammed. People are just not right in the head, but will frost do the job?

Taco Day!? Oh crap, I'm headed to work and going to miss it.

Still waiting for a noticeable change in weather here. The weather person keeps saying any day now. I'm not believing her. I've accepted the fact, I just live in Hell.

Sorry about the yarn and the spammers. There are ignorant people everywhere and sadly we can't change them.

Speaking of fun fur garter stitch scarves, did you see today's Quit Your Day Job post on Etsy?


So. Wrong.

Well, that answers that question...tacos for supper! :)
Beautiful picture! I always wonder why I can't get the oranges to show up in my sunset pictures like everyone else seems to be able to do.
I sympathize on running out of handspun...it'd be enough to send me over the edge. o.0

You are a dumplin'? Who is spamming/whoring now? Besides me, I mean - hey, weddings are expensive!

beautiful photo! sorry you ran out of handspun....happy spinning!

How did I miss taco day??? Oh well. And the frost will drive the crazies back inside? Bring it on then!

Ran out of yarn:( That is bad, very bad. Sorry.

Sorry you ran out of yarn and that you facing the crazies. I looked at the link that Susan posted and all I can say is WOW! No wonder she can knit 5 scarves in a day. Did I say that out loud?

I missed the memo. We had Shepherd's Pie.
Bummer about the handspun.

Thanks for the shout-out!

Beautiful sunset. Almost makes up for those fake drama whores. But not for the running out of yarn. :(

Thankfully I have real drama whoring ways. Whew.

Taco Tuesday! National Taco Day! I wonder if all tacos are free.

Cheryl did what? Geez.

hey if you run out of yarn, why don't you just use this AWEsome stuff like LionBrand??? SO MUCH CHEAPER then handspun and I hear it even can go in the dryer!

that even hurt to type. Of course, LB does have it's place and does its job...however...
hey! ouch! don't hit!

mmmmmm... tacos

I'm over here getting high off of stain fumes and getting ready to crack out the sawzall. muwahahahahhaha

Taco Day?!? WHY does no one tell me these things? Do enchiladas picked up from the ready-to-cook section of the grocery store count?

I'm so sad I missed National Taco Day. Dang! Lovely sky. And, yeah, it IS that time of year again.

I knew there was a good reason why I was hiding under the bed latley.

I recommend kmkat's post:

only NSFW in the printed language colorful metaphor sense.

I didn't have tacos :-P

I missed the taco all around, oy! I blame the jet lag,,,

Running out of hand spun is really really not like running out of regular yarn at all! sorry it happened to you.

Did you check Susan's Etsy recommendation up there? I can't believe she sells so many of those uglies. Just another of our world weirdnesses. Although I must admit what made me start knitting again were some fur fun narrow scarves that Sam desired but she was 15 or so at the time,,,,

Tacos are delicious every day. Burritos too! That's my desert island food btw (burritos that is).

I love Susan's etsy link. I think I vomited alittle.

I have a shirt that looks a lot like your photo with a different tree. Funny!

I was in michaels the other day (I cant remember why, who the hell knows), and I saw the breast cancer display of yarns, and all i could think was, didn't they ask someone with cancer what they would like to wear? I can't imagine bad acrylic feels good on sensitive bald skin any more than it does on my regular non-sensitive skin. The acrylic with alpaca isn't too bad (as acrylic softness goes), but straight up is just mean. And get a better pattern, at least. Sheesh!

I love your post categories. And tacos!

Great photo, Cookie. And here I'm visiting a week almost after Taco Day. o.O

Hugs and I hope your weather is lovely.

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