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Thursday, September 08, 2011


So no one in your life knows what day it is? You poor thing!

If I didn't know better, i would have sworn the message came from me. I am forever mixed up on days of the week and numerical dates. My days are divided into work and how many days until work again :)

Great voice mail!

Voice mail? You listen to voice mail? Well, if I'd known that. muwahhahaha


I never know what day it is so I totally understand. Feel better and take care.

Thank goodness for the little numbers in the lower right, no, lower left, no, it IS lower right corner of our computers! I don't even try to know what day it is...I don't know my right from my left... o.0

School started here so as a responsible parent I have to know what day it is, or actually how many days it is until Friday. I hope your days are falling into place.

I'm shocked that I'm not being swamped with singing offers.

Does anyone really know what day it is? Does anyone really care? In the immortal words of.......someone.

I still think it's August. . .

I have a hard time with that too, add to that.. I never wear a watch so 98% of the time I don't even know what time it is. Do you know how old you are? do you? are you certain? ;^)
That WAS a great voice mail!

That's a great voicemail.. and exactly how I would have figured out what day it was. Without the computer, I'm lost :)

Heheheeeee,,,, Wait until I will sing to you!

I looked at my stepson yesterday and said "aren't you going to rugby?" And he said "it's only Tuesdays and Thursdays" and I said "it's not Tuesday? :|.

Not sure if that should make you feel better or worse.

Day of the week confusion is widespread. I'm also a little stunned each morning when I realize we're already in September.

I can usually tell you what day of the week it is, but dates escape me completely. You could feed me any number and I'd have to go with it...

I love that message. Exactly how I feel most days and I no longer care at all. I admire you for still giving a hoot. Take whatever time you need. You know I'll just check on you anyway. And, if you need something, just let me know. I can use the mail while it's still sort of viable.

I always know what day it is-NOT! I figure if it's really important someone will let me know. I'm so glad today is Friday, however. I'd not make it through another Thursday.

The only message we've saved is from someone calling Carol to see how she's enjoying her retirement. It's so happy and fun that we can't bear to delete it.

At least your caller believes the computer! ;D

If you can figure out what day it is, no matter what method you use, you are so ahead of the rest of us.

And I am so far behind in my news reader that I didn't get to this until Sunday, the day after you commented on my "OMG I've lost a week!" post on G+.

I should call you and leave an obscene voice mail. Not an anonymous one, obviously, because what's the fun in that?

Oh, CRAP. I missed your birthday. Sigh. Everything is all upside down over here..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Where's the FRIGGIN' CAKE?!!!!

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