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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Look at all that pink yarn! That is beautiful and LOT of spinning production. How come you always manage to find the crazy designers?

I bow down! It's beautiful! And Holy Smokes that's a lot of yardage....
The blue and green and purple will be a change from the pink. More wonderful yarn I'm sure!
Yup, it's Wednesday.

Breaking news!

Our Joan is not dead and will NOT be updating her blog tomorrow.

So there!

Do you need lotion? Or a hose?


Your handspun is just gorgeous! I'm sure you'll find something to knit. Karma will get that designer eventually:)

Pretty fluff. And very nice yarn. Just set it aside though until the perfect pattern appears either in print or in your head.

I'm updating tomorrow - Isn't that what I said??

That fiber wasn't that pink when I sent it.

Yes. I. Am. Pretty stuff, very similsr in color to some beaverslide i coveted once upon a time. Bought brown instead and regreted it so much, that project was crackers. Snd now i need to hear the story of the douchey designer.

*bows deeply*
I am at a loss. Thank you for telling me it is Wednesday.

Bowing. Chin resting on floor, I bow so low.

Wow! Plenty of yardage there for something very nice!

So. I'm not in the least bit surprised that you ended up with a brazillion yards of 20 ply yarn, so I'm not gonna bow down. I just know you're that good.

That is an ass-load of yarn! Looks nice. :)

How can you be sick of that beautiful pink yarn?!?! If you are, you know where I am...

There are no shortage of patterns in the world, the perfect one will be found. You are in no danger of freezing to death in the meantime.

Are you thinking cardie or pullover? Must know!

We're not worthy. That's a whole heck of a lot of yarn. I must chase the kids to bed so I can play with my wheel ;)

Sorry, you need to spin more of that yarn. 2,846 yards of fingering weight is not quite enough for a sweater for me. And while you are at it, would you overdye it? I'm not fond of pink.

::ducks and runs far, far away::

That's a ton of yardage there. I would be very sick of pink after that. Lovely yarn as always.

I hate self important assholes. Small list of designers whose patterns I won't buy because of their arrogance.

Yay!! I finally was able to buy fiber from Joan. It arrived super fast.

*I'm* happy to hear how you're doing. Sorry that the vast majority of people tend to suck these days (ps listen to any gov't stuff lately?? ugh).

/bows. Boo for cranky designers. New plan or new pattern?

/bows as well! That's some spectactular yardage...4 ply, I mean could you even see what you plied ;) I guess some people never can admit mistakes/errors huh. :P

Almost broke my nose with that bowing,,,, you need to remember some of us are oldies girl!

Wasn't that pink when Joan sent it,,,,, now now,,,, what did you do to that fiber girl?!!?
Whatever it was the resulting yarn is as smashing as usual and so much of it too, adorable.

Who's the designer,we need to knowwho to avoid you know!

And your: can never win them all - remindedme of the lay man version of the three laws of thermodynamics but maybe it is better not to tell you what they say,,,,,

Bowing low. That's gorgeous! (And you're right. You can't win them all. I've never understood why not, though.)

You rock the spinning world, once again, ma'dear. It is so pretty, but I am a bit worried about your exhaustion. I know it's a platitude, and an annoying one at that, but you need to at least take a moment for yourself. Sometimes that's all we get. What is it with that designer? Even if they think they're right, it would be in their best interest to at least knit it your way and their way and see WTF is up. Oh, wait. That happens in a parallel universe. Hugs, hunny!!!!

I bow down before you, oh great one! That is incredibly beautiful yarn. I hope that if I work very very hard someday to be able to spin half so beautifully as you do.

Kitten happy and bowing down. (Which makes typing sorta difficult.)

Your skin is safe. I'm not that fond of dresses anyway, but I DO think that pink yarn is amazing (as are you).

Was this for a test pattern? Somehow I missed that?

And I'm not even on meds. This is alllllllllll me baby.

I'm still bowed from the last spinning project. (I now have a crick in my back, and I think my nose is broken...)
Wanna hear the designer story. Really really wanna.

(PS And now it's Thursday.)

The yarn turned out great. That's a whole lot of fingering weight. I love the new fluff you will be spinning.
There are too many good designers to waste your time on the losers but I have to agree with CArole - how do you always find the crazy?

I'd bow, but then I'd probably crumple to the floor and take a long, long nap. Which I don't have time for right now.

As usual, I want the dirt. Who's the speshul snoflak designer? If my BFF ever saw that yarn, she'd hound me to the gates of hell to knit her something out of it. DO NOT SHOW HER.

This bitch is bowin'!! repeatedly :^) mercy, that's gorgeous yarn! so.. Joan was thinking it was brown? hee. just kidding.
Give it up about the crazy designer. meh and bah. the crazy, it always comes with the attitude.
btw.. it's Friday now. I've been losing days.
Yummy colours in the new fluff.

I am going to stop being amazed because you are ALWAYS this good. When you do something that is shit, then I'll be amazed!

On my knees, actually. :D Simply fabulous yarn, Cookie. Lovely now and will be lovely in its next form, I'm sure, once a worthy form is found and vetted.

The next fiber looks like dessert.

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