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Thursday, September 01, 2011


Are you going to put your next spider plant on birth control?

You've really gotta watch those spider plants!!! So promiscuous!

You're really very nice. I would take scissors and snip the offending part.

Lovely yarn as always. You've been busy.

Impressive spinning. As usual. But can you tell me: HOW DO SPIDER PLANTS MAKE BABBY?

I agree with Denise. Or, you can do as I do and stop watering the plant and they'll all die. Oh, did I write that out loud? the yarn is beautiful You are truly my hero!!!

I think a change of scenery for the spider plant is in order!
Ooo, I love the yarn...

Do you know how difficult it is to put on a spider plant condom?

Spider hoars, the lot of them. Pretty pink!

My spider plant is gay. No babies for me. Sweet yarn!

It's annoying getting groped at the kitchen sink, isn't it?

Wow, half! Half to go! :)

Gorgeous! I bet you can't wait to get to the second half.

Hee. getting groped at the kitchen sink.
Beautiful yarn! Half way there! You are rocking the Pink!

Nice work with the yarn!

I love that pink yarn! Half is good, but you know that!

I really really hate spider plants. My mom insists on having two hanging next to the kitchen table because that's what she had growing up. Me, I growl at them and dream of watering them with bleach. So wrong.

I am totally with Denise. I would have chopped that thing up ages ago. Or, you know, just moved the damn thing.

Nice yarn! :)

In other news? You're made at a plant who's having babies when you're the one giving birth to a beautiful bunch of yarn! Congratulations. It's a grrl and such a special grrl. How nice she'll have a twin.

xoxo. too bad the baby wouldn't survive a mailing to Texas. Hmmm. Mehbee I will have to do what I threatened in November. O.o

Wow, half already. You are smokin!

Half?! Wow, gorgeous! Good luck with the birth control. ;)

I'd turn the plant or move it out. I'm such a sucker for baby anything. Plants, animals. Even baby spiders are cute if you squint just right...

Touch you?!? How dare he? Evil I tell you, Evil!

Oh the loveliness of that pinkness, I can just imagine the glory of the whole batch!

Hahahaha, I love this post title. I agree, creeper plant might need to go hang on the patio if he keeps molesting you in such a rude manner. Awesome yarn!

Did you faint at Margene's post? I'm sure giving birth, whether to yarn or not, isn't exactly what you want to imagine.

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