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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I agree with you 100%. The difference between milled and handspun is striking. I will post about my fabulous hat, soon. The weather is beginning to cooperate a bit more. As for the lifestyle thing? Understood. And, huge hugs!!!!

Someday things will be different, or you will, or something. Until then, you always have handspun to thwack.

So glad to hear that knitting with the handspun is so comforting and satisfying...just the thing for a changed lifestyle.
Very happy to give you the blog post suggestion too! Now if I could just come up with something interesting for my next post... o.0
Cute kitty toy, BTW! I'm sure they love it. :)

That is a great cat toy! I need to search out handspun. I knit a lacy cotton scarf and have some other fingering weight wool from the same spinner. Need to find a pattern and knit that stuff.

I have a hard time switching to mill spun after knitting with handspun for awhile. There are just some people that are only knitworthy and not spin/knitworthy.

Cute cat toy. I should knit some toys for my cats. Maybe they will stop hating me.

Cat toy. Whew. I thought maybe it was a mutant minion.

I only occasionally knit with handspun but I agree that it's special.

This is one of my favorite posts ever. Thanks.

Oh, that toy is SO FULL OF AWESOME!!!

A cat toy! Oh good. I thought it was an internal organ or freaky marital aid.

Questions?!? Do you really want or need more of those?

Awesome (can't decide if that e belongs there or not,,,,) cat toy. They are going to be one hell of a spoiled couple of cats with handspun, self designed, hand knitted toys like that :)

spinning, homespun, knitting cat toys, next thing we know it will be berks and chickens..........
great post, great toy, much envy

I'll bet that cat toy was as fun for you as it is for the kitties. You describe handspun yarns so perfectly. They are alive with the spirit of the person who created it. I have something not only spun, but knit by you and it is one of my favorite things ever. I love the shawl and thank you for loving me. I understand the lifestyle change. Sending you strength and patience, love and hope. xoxo

I, too, thought that was a mutant minion! Great cat toy, I imagine. As for change. . . it's constant.

I hope the cats know how spoiled they are.

I agree 100% with everything you said! it's so satisfying when you spin with intent, and as you're knitting, your hopes are realized and the fabric is just what you want! That's the love affair I'm having with my handspun Adeline, which I'm now spinning more for.

I like your cat toy although the first thing I thought of was a happy uterus with way too many ovaries attached. Uh, you can't tell at all what time o' the month it is for me, can you?

I see I need to beg/trade/steal more of my friend's handspun or finally give up and start spinning myself.

Please don't forget us. We miss you.

Neat cat toy.

My first thought was mutant minion, too...
I've been knitting handspun this year, too, but mostly that's because I've turned into a slow knitter and haven't finished any of the projects I've got going. (It's funny how my knitting productivity declined when I learned to spin.)

Love the kitteh toy :^)
Exactly, about the handspun yarn. It has a spirit all its own.

That is the coolest cat toy thing ever. :D

I need to get back to spinning. Though I did pull fiber out of a kitty's mouth this morning... does that count? Yeah didn't think so. Ick.

The yarn you used there is crazy pretty. Love the color transition.

Marvelous cat toy! I also shared the fleeting minion-related wondering. I wonder why?

Handspun is a true and precious thing. Thanks for the update, Cookie.

Lovely post. :D You'll find time to knit, when you need it and when you're ready. I'm finding mindless knitting is best for me right now with all the crazy going on.

Oh my goodness, you sure know how to keep up the suspense! I had to read to the end of your post to find out that you had knitted a cat toy, because when I saw the photo I thought maybe you had gone off the deep end.

A handspun cat toy...what a lucky kittie!

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