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Thursday, September 29, 2011


I see a glimpse of black leather there on dear old Teddy. Hmmmmm. (And that's a lot of hours.)

Well now I want to know what the bear is wearing:) Besides the cute hat I mean.

Black leather on a teddy bear?!? Interesting...
The hat is pretty cute...what is it going to be if not a hat?
That's a lot of phone talking...I would probably hurt someone if I had to be on the phone that much in 8 days!

I use knitting for a natural stress relief. And when that's not enough I just yell at Dale. Heh. Yeah yeah, look at you, showing off by knitting with your "bad" handspun. Good for you. whateverrrrr.

I think he looks dashing in his hat and Chippendale thong.

Did I ask that? It sounds so......likely. In my defense, all the beauteous pink spinning put mere knitted objects out of my mind. Maybe I should just go with the last four words.

Rescue Remedies sounds wonderful.

Rescue Remedy works for puppies, why not Cookies! Leave it to you to have a kinky teddy bear. xoxo

Black leather. Quite intriguing.

Why would anyone write a book for women who "do too much"? Do they really expect them to find time to read it? But then, if the books are being purchased by other people as gifts for the women who do too much, I guess they don't care if the book gets read or not.

Love Bach. They are so helpful. Sleep is for the weak. Who cares if we babble when it is lacking. Hope the teddy hat becomes what you hope.

at least it's not a gimp mask

Chastity belt? Rescue Remedy rocks. I survived on the spray (like breath freshener only way better for me) for a long time. Then, I went straight to the anti-anxiety meds. Now, thankfully, I'm off both (for the time being). Either that, or the wine is helping more than I thought;-P Your handspun is beautiful crocheted, too!!!! Hugs, hunny.

Wait, you talk on the phone? A lot? Hmmmm.....

Nope. Doesn't sound familiar. ;^P

3.1 hours a day is nothing!

3.1 hours/day? I don't talk on the phone that much in a month. (I hate talking on the phone. Does it show?)

Yeah, I thought teddy bear chastity belt, too. Weird.


Dude, I am big on backups. Chapstick, shampoo, toilet paper, bug spray... You name it, I have two of them. I think my husband was secretly delighted when we moved into our smaller apartment with no storage space. I still haven't found a good place for the extra six boxes of kleenex I like to have on hand.

Dude! Why is your teddy wearing a codpiece and chaps? Odd that.

My pastilles did the same thing in my purse! I think they're not meant for purses.

Take care!

1. I'm going to be spending 40 hours week on the phone at my new job. Last thing I want to see or hear is a phone at home.

2. I want to know what that bear is wearing. You mentioned it, so you opened that ball of wax.

3. Isn't writing a book for women who do too much, obviously not having the time to read because, hello, they're doing too much, quixotic?

4. I think I need some of those lozenges for work, except if they are going to stick to my coffee change.

Phone - Oy!

Teddy bear and hat - Cuties.

Bach - I like the cream, it soothes the itch of any bite.

Have a happy weekend and a good and sweet new jewish year :)

Not my fault!!


We know what this is.


I like the idea of the book, but quite frankly when you open it up there should be a cut out for a place to put a bottle of vodka (or your booze of choice, I've been on a scotch kick lately.)

I want to see how the "hat" err thingy that we discussed it would be turns out. I fear I lack the imagination to see what you meant there.

Did nasty purse lint stick to your rescue thingies? I hate that. o.0

I hope the calm blossoms and grows for you over there.


Mmmmm... a big teddy in pleather. :D

o_O At least Teddy isn't wearing a mask or a gag, I guess...

And backups, yes!! Backups are part of what I do professionally, so I believe in them for most everything. Maybe that's why I have 2 male partners, one's a backup!! (OMG, they'd both kill me if they saw this ;-)

That's an impressive amount of talking. I'd like to spend that much time spinning...hmm...I sense a challenge for myself for next week.

that's a lot of time on the phone. I am kind of in awe.

I can understand why you don't want to show off the teddy bear's frilly skirt. It's hard to explain that kind of blow to your cred.

I saw the pastilles and somehow read pasties and was really confused as to why one would need rescue backups on a frequent basis. Time for more coffee!

I've been rocking the Rescue Remedy a lot lately. It's great stuff.

I think I would need a year to accumulate 24.8 hours...
Do you have a hands-free headset, so you can do (too much) stuff while on the phone?
You realize you gotta show Teddy to us now, don't you? You can't just walk away from a tease like that.

I wonder if they offer that book on audio. Only you would have a teddy wearing a vinyl banana hammock. Well, and maybe Squish.

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