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Wednesday, August 10, 2011



That yarn is fabulous and who cares if the photos aren't great so long as the yarn is?? I haven't tried spinning enough for a sweater yet because I'm afraid I won't be consistent enough. Kudos to you for this!

Although I do enjoy your posts, I only blog like once every 3 months so can I complain? Sadly, no.


Yet again, beautiful yarn!
Joan knows?!?!? Shoot.
Post whenever it fits your schedule. I'll be hanging around watching for it.
I've found that making an appointment is a good way to make sure of getting a haircut. (Sorry...I just couldn't resist.) :D

Hey! I need a haircut, too! What a coincidence! But seriously, I hope the crazy gets a leetle less crazy for you. And for me. That would be good for both of us.

Lucky me to take a peek in just as you posted. Grrl, I believe August may be the worst month for crazies ever! Seriously, I'm not sure I can handle much more. I'm sending extra good vibes with hugs to you because of your most excellent plot against Joan.

I promise I said nothing. Hope your crazies take a chill pill soon! I'm amazed you were able to spin that much yarn so quickly. Amazed, but not surprised.

Your yarn is beautiful. It will make a stunning cardigan.
Please take photos when you do explode:)


Inbox always open, although you know I suck at replying.

Oy! hang on in there girl and let me know if I can help in any way please :)

The yarn is most beautiful as always and who told her?!?
I hope it is not that post man,,,, (nah,,, it is not in her corner of that island!)

Take all the time you can, though I know it won't be as much as you should, or be nearly enough.


Definitely not brown yarn. Not that we're talking about brown fiber.

Post when you want! And piffle to any knudging. Sheesh. It's hard enough, this should be an outlet to turn to, not another freakin' chore.

(I spent most of last week Not Pounding People Into the Ground Like Tent Pegs. It was a testament to my good nature and self control.)

Beautiful yarn as always. I would rather have good yarn and a not so good picture, than the reverse.

I can really relate to finding myself in the life I never planned for or wanted. Let's hope things get better for the both of us.

I'm trying to keep myself from having to head out to the desert with big black trash bags.

Was it my fault that Joan knows? Well, whatever. The yarn is lovely, as usual.

We're patiently waiting for when the time is right for you to return to us. No pressure :)

Do what you need to do.

And spoil yourself a bit.

Frankly, some people need a good smack of common sense sometimes. I prefer to think of it as a public service. Or evolution in action. It makes me wonder how some people have managed to survive so long, without bring eaten by bears or falling out a window, etc. How has nature not taken care of them yet? I strongly feel that was this a time earlier in history, the problems they pose simply wouldn't have existed.

Please, please, try to remember to breath, too. The yarn is beautiful and the cardi will be beautifuller. Hugshugshugs.

You're posting more often than I am, sweetie, so I certainly won't criticize. I know how life can get crazy busy. Or just crazy...
Lovely yarn!

Here's the thing: if you had had the handling of those hooligans in the UK in their formative years, there would have been no rioting. And the home fibre creation business there might still be thriving if they all had to crank out the yarn to your specs. Temper is a good and useful thing. Five bucks says Saturday at 4:03 pm. Or should it be going into your bail fund??


we all have or issues. Besides, we also have Angie if we REALLY need to find you

No apologies are necessary for not posting as frequently. I'd rather have a "voluntary" post than an "obligation" post any day.

Hope things settle down for you soon.


Great spinning..I have a sweater kit here that I need to start on...but not just yet.

August seems to be a crazy, smack down angry sort of month for a lot of people. Me included, hopefully it will pass soon.

What does Joan know? Maybe she just thinks that she knows. Was there a plot?

I'm getting mine cut today. Should I have them do yours while I'm there??

It's much better to make good yarn with not great photos than the alternative!

I love that yarn! Hope things get better soon. *hugs*

It would be hard for her not to know given the state of her dining room table.

Don't fret. I hardly even look at my own email anymore. Sometimes it's all just too much.


Love the yarn; it's beautiful.

I suppose Joan was getting clues. :D

Hugs!!! I hope all goes as well as possible.

It is such beautiful yarn, Cookie, and it will become a lovely cardi.

Keeping good thoughts for you and that all you need makes it way to you to help you.


Brown? snort. more like Beautiful Green.
When you can, when you want. I hope the crazy just eases the fuck off. xoxox
ps(I absolutely hates it when people try to tease a post out of me)

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