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Monday, August 01, 2011



I didn't know you could get them from pillows! Damn!!

Hang in there, sweetie. xoxoxxox

Yeah, I've got nothing. Happy Monday!

Lame. I am lame. I thought, Wow, a pillow for only $2.50? Sweet! And then I caught on and realized the lameness that is I.

Oh you are alive, yay! :)

You get them that way!?! Didn't know that. ;)

Pillow...you're using it wrong. :)

Now I'm not sure I want to buy new pillows.

Are they causative or preventative?

Whats got ya crazy busy?

I'm so glad that the $40 pillow C. wants is a king sized one.


I doubt that will come out in the wash! Did you sanitize your hands after seeing it? Lol

We had the perfect pillowcases for it at the store I work at. They came in labeled "Satandard Pillowcases" - sold really fast...

I am rather embarrassed that I have seen that sign myself dozens of times and never put two and two together until now. Thank you, Obvious Woman!! I don't know what I'd do without you;-P Hugs from Hell!!

Okay. So I thought it read STUD pillows, and I wondered where I could get one. After reading all the comments, I actually had to go back and look at the dang picture to figure out what you were all laughing about. Now I don't want one. Basic or Deluxe.

Oh my! Is nothing safe?

Is there an upgrade from the Basic STD? And do tell me where I can get Satandard Pillowcases, if you find out from Gayle.

Pillow = SLEEP which I didn't get enough of this morning.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I'm with Carrie. If that's the basic model, what does the delux version get you?

Oh! I just looked at the $2.50 price........I might be too mired in splitting out costs at the moment. (Which are splitting out nicely but not so much adding back up as they should. Which is MADDENING.)

My hubs looked at this and say "that's waaaaaaaaaay too much" ha

I'd hate to know what a premium pillow might give you.

oh ****whump****
I can't beat the comments already written. no way. my brainz have been deep fried. or sidewalk fried. or cooked on the dashboard. or.

Funny comments. They're so clever. Me, I'm still on my first cup of caffeine.



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