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Monday, August 29, 2011


That is a very gorgeous doily. I keep promising myself I will make one but never find the inspiration. That one might be just the push I need.

That makes a lovely centerpiece.

Joan didn't seem to think you had any knitting goals for next year. What are they?

Beautiful, both the doily and your vintage pick.

I almost thought you are going to make Joan happy and admit going to knit wiyh the bamboo right now,,,, :)

I prefer "well-curated" over "picky". It makes it sound so much more purposeful and elegant. ;-)

I would never, ever judge*! That is a beautiful tin on a beautiful doily. (*How could I judge. . . when you found my favorite tins . . . for me!!!) XOXO

Lmao at the current comments. Peter's cracked me right up. So you want i should send you all my starbucks tea tins? Lol

What a lovely FO and such a nice piece to display with it! Love the pattern!

Bamboo! muwahahahhaha

:D xoxo

Aha! I was pretty sure I knew what that tin would turn out to be as soon as I saw the photo. So cute!

That's a gorgeous doily and a lovely tin. And all this while spinning laceweight? the mind boggles. Well, my mind.

The doily and the tin are perfect together!
Please show us what you got from the post office. :D

Ack, now I've gone & fallen for Daher Cherry Blossom tins. You're a bad influence.

Um, thanks for that rabbit hole of a link. I fear I am going to get lost in that Etsy shop!

Beautiful! And it is danish, "egeblad" means "oakleaf". Do you know the danish books (in english): "Knitted lace" and "Knitted lace - in white" by Sonja Esbensen. I found them at "Amazon.uk". Have not knitted anything from them yet.

Gitte from Denmark

So pretty and so good to hear from you! Hugs, girlie!!!

I'm sure you could spin some bamboo thread pretty easily. Then you could knit another doily this year.

/runs while dodging flying objects... ;^)

Lovely! I really enjoyed browsing through that etsy shop, loads of fun stuff!
It's good to be picky. :^)

I have always liked that doily. Thanks for the info the bamboo thread. I always wondered about that stuff. :)

The doily outshines anything you could set on top.


That is beautiful, and Margene nailed it! Although the bowl is lovely, the doily is incredible.

The doily is so pretty that anything sitting on it would look good. A squashed soda can. A drunken tarantula. Anything.

That is a happy, pretty picture. Ooooh, tins! Gorgeous doily. :D Love.

My Grandma Ruby had a tin with Nut Goodies in the living room. Way off limits but I still love those candies. Do you have a memory of an old tin or have you found a new love.


Oooh pretty.

I have a square tin that looks just like that same print. I've never known what it was or where it was from. Found it at a garage sale somewhere.

I have a thing for candy dishes. Causes me no end of problems. I already have too much stuff.

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