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Monday, August 15, 2011


CVM/Romeldale is what it is. I'm glad you loved spinning it! I should try spinning some of it, huh? ;^)

I love that shade of pink. And it's nice to be right, isn't it? I tell Dale every day just how good it feels to be right.

LOVE the pinkiness of the fluff! It will make beautiful yarn.
Haircut accomplished! Yay!
If you make one new friend a year you'll have it made. You can do that...no sweat! :D

You're making me so jealous with the spinning. I'm sure I'll have time soon.

It was great fun being part of the plot & seeing the pile of parcels on Joan's table.

And that's only another friend each year for 10 years (plus substitutes just in case...)

Haircuts feel so good! I'm still on a high from mine. It's a weight lifted every time.
Watching you spin up a large amount of pink yarn will not be boring for me!!!...just sayin'.

Hee hee! Evil plots are fun!

I got my haircut Saturday too, and have deleted my hairdresser's (of 15 years) number from my cell phone. I'm done.

That was a cute polar bear. Why they don't let us swim with them I don't know.

Delicious pink! And boy, I could sure go for a dip in that pool right now. Minus the polar bear, of course.

I got my hair cut, too, but it happened on a bad hair day, and the scissors just sort of leaped out of the cabinet and attacked my hair when I wasn't looking. Bad scissors! Bad!

It's not the part about making new friends, it's the making new friends to replace me since I will probably be senile or dead by then;-D Hugs, girlie!!!

I saw all those knobs of pink yarn and read "yarn mammography" thinking it apt. Oops.

I love me some haircuts, I'm sure you look like a million dollars. I'm going to go dye my gray now....

Yay for spinning.

Love that the haircut is a happy one and for pulling a surprise on folks. :D


Yikes, glad you have a few years to make that many more friends ;) Love the pink bobs!

Love that polar bear -- s/he looks so happy and content.

Yay for gray/white gorgeousness! :-)

No no no girl, thank you for arranging such a lovely addition to our friend special day :)

And are you wasing yarn or a lamb up there?:)

Mmmm...soaking sheepy goodness!

Two pounds of pink will be quite an adventure. It is so fluffy and lovely, and there is so much, and I cannot wait to see how much yarn you turn it into!

Polar Bear!

I think my hair has been basically the same for almost twenty-five years, and I hope I never have to change it.

Thank you for organizing the wonderful birthday celebration for Joan and for including me in it.


Yay, you managed to get the haircut! I, however, did not. Oh well. I'm sure it's perfect!

And i mean really, two pounds of pink!? More like two pounds of heaven!

Oh that pink is beautiful! It looks so soft and fluffy. I bet you'll love every minute of that 2 pounds.

Am I going to have to google 1984 hair styles? I am. I'm happy you're happy. I think I need a different face maybe instead of the new haircut. sigh.
You do secret plotting The Best. Success! :^)
I like that CVM fibre! Have fondled it and seen in knit up a bit but it wasn't mine. It nearly was but I couldn't convince the owner there was a monkey outside the window. damn.

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