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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


And a partridge in a pear tree. xoxo

p.s. I think they may have accidentally sucked out some brain cells

The yarn is super but I absolutely positively LOVE the bowl!
Glad to hear you aren't dead, BTW... :D

Very pretty.

Twenty-four? /falls over

So pretty! And cute bowl, too.

4 ply!!!

I win!!!!

Holy crap.

Eeek! Pretty yarn!

Go, Cookie!!!

Joan won what?

Awesome yarn, awesome bowl, and wonderful to 'hear you'...I am spinning for a sweater next.

I have faith in you


Aha. That's where you've been. Nice work.

Gorgeous! Glad you're not dead:)

so envious... I wish I could spin like that. Someday!



Ply, girl, ply!

Yay! So very pretty, and amazing like you!


Yummy! Love the bowl too!

Very pretty!

First of all, is that a formica table? Love it!!!!!!!!!!! Second, the bowl is beautiful. Third, the spinning is amazing (as always) and you are beyond fabulous. So exciting. Is there still knitting or are you on hiatus? Hugs, Dearheart!


That bowl is pretty, and the spinning is too!

(I feel like there should be a second line there that rhymes, a la Dr. Seuss- but I've got nothing for now. Sorry).

Spinning queen! Lovely pink, though 24 later may start to wear on you. Stop for medicinal chocolate.

Good to hear from you and know you are still with us.

The yarn is fabulous and what are 24 more for you, peanuts:)

I see now - you completely understand my pain!


Spin. Spin.

Such pretty yarn and beautiful bowl as well. Hope your summer is improving

That is like... whoa. You rock.

It is beautiful!! How long do you think it will take you? o.0

It's PINK!!

*falls over deaded*

Twenty.. four? ack

That is quite a lot of pink in one place. Good spinning.

Wow! It is lovely. However, I do hope there's some good TV or books on tape near your wheel.

As a survivor of the Goldie Project, let me assure you that you really will finish someday. Try to focus more on the rising pile of 'finished' and don't look at the 'yet-to-go' part...

Beautiful pink spinning and I love the bowl, too!

You da shit! GORgeous yarn.. 4 ply? WoW! Love the bowl!

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