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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Wonderful yarn and super duper socks!
I've been wondering...how's it going just knitting hand spun yarn? Any urge to knit with something else? (I think I might have put down a date in the fall when you would be knitting with non-hand spun...) ;)

I liked that story. And the socks. I got to touch them. :)

G+? don't seem to have you in my circle
Susan Moore there

Lol. They are awfully pretty.

what a beautiful story. :)

Lovely. Story and socks.


Does your lack of face go with your new haircut? /runs

wonderful! I like them. I hope she loves them, ( and mine too)
Jealous a huge amount about your G+ ( I want it too)

Fantastic, as usual!


If Joan doesn't like them, can I have them? Awful purty...

No face!? Joan deserves a pair of your beautiful socks more so than anyone.

Mine, mine, mine!


And fine socks they are, indeed.

GORgeous fibre, GORgeous socks!
Looks like Joan is pretty happy with them too :^D

I love a story with a happy ending.

what a great novella :)

What pretty colors! You made lovely socks! Again! Am I using too many exclamation points??!!

Nice work! It looks like it all happened so quickly when presented in one blog post. That's the kind of thing that sucks in the non-spinners...

You are a true inspiration; but then you know that, don't you?!

Handspun socks. The ultimate gift for our Joan! You are the bestest of friends, dearheart. Hugshugshugs.

Love: story, yarn and of course the socks! :)

:) Great colors in those socks! Great gift for Joan :)

Very nice! Love the colors!

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!

Lovely birthday socks!

Absolutely lovely and possibly the best gift ever :)

your posts make me want to learn to spin...but not if my face is going to come off. ;)

gorgeous yarn, gorgeous socks!

love love love love love love love


Beautiful yarn and socks!

xoxo home again

So very lovely, and perfect for Joan!


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