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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Wheeeeeeeeee! The Pink arrived, it is sooooo lovely, just a gorgeous pink! Daughter Havala was over earlier when I was looking at The Pink over at Joan's, oh my, the girl was all aflutter with the love. :^)
I should just avert my eyes from the Amazonia. no doubt.

There are six million of those luscious things to spin up? LUCKY GIRL!

I always blame The Otter. Isn't it always her fault?

I need your secret on getting pretty young men to do my bidding.

Looks like a cool time eating game. I've finally gotten a full version of Plants vs Zombies. Please tell me that this one is turn based or at least requires slower mousing.

What beautiful fluff.

So jealous.

Always my fault these things eh?


Such pretty fiber. I can't wait to see it espun and knit it :D

I'm not a spinner, but 6 million balls of fluff seems like more than enough for a cardigan...what was the question again? (it's quite pretty so it's good that there's lots of it)

I sent you 32 - I hope they didn't breed.

4 ply!!!


It's summer. A time for diversions. At least this one doesn't pack on the pounds or get you pregnant;-P Love the fluff! Ponder it. It's too hot and it will stick to you!! Hugs.

Now I want cotton candy. Oh great.

Ohhhhhhh. . . Nooooooooo! (I don't need One More Diversion - and that one looks dangerous.)


WAIT! WAIT! What about the pretty young men? Yarn prettyblahblahbah. MEN?

Pink tribbles? You'd better spin them before they continue to multiply.

Ahh, a game. I can relate.

Although the pinkness is so lovely.

Did you say something? I can't get past how pretty and pink that fiber is. Oooooo, aaaaaaahhh...oh my!!

What wonderful pinkness! If they reproduced from 32 to 6,000,000 you'd better put them far far away from each other or your house will be full! :)

Amazonia, shamnazonia - I don't believe you'll be able not to spin those pinkies for too long!

And no, I am not going to find out what the hell is that Ama thing!

That is fabulous fluff. Six million friends is frightening to ponder.


A friend once gave me a book that has an illustration for each letter of the alphabet, said illustration being very complicated and containing dozens of objects that start with that particular letter. I was obsessed for weeks, just as my friend predicted.

Yeah, it does look like cotton candy!!

And where are you getting pretty young men to do your bidding? I need some of those, dangit! Both of my men (recently lost one, but no big deal) are older than I am!

Nooooooo! No more time-sucking games! (It took me forever to stop stacking sheep http://www.wooglie.com/playgame.php?gameID=32 )
Love your pink tribbles.

I could use a few pretty young men to order around if you are done with them... Lovely fluff, looks lik cotton candy!

I visited here yesterday but got distracted by your game linkie......fortunately no little app for it, whew!

Love the pinkie pinkness. So pretty!

The young ones are easy--I need tips for the older ones. ;D

My that is lovely fluff. It reminds me of cotton candy.

Does this mean you'll stop pestering me about Plants Vs Zombies?!

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