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Monday, July 11, 2011


I am slow to try new technology. As for the tea tin. Gorgeous and the tea is gorgeous, too! You spin so beautifully, lady, and the colors on those bobbins is exquisite. Neat socks for a nice man. Enjoy your day of rest, Sweetie!

Do I see socks? I see gorgeous bobbins of single here.. did they not dry? :) (yes, you can smack me).
Pretty tin (I had to look twice and really close, thought it was porcelain at first glance) and very pretty tea!
We've already discussed the google thingie :)
Enjoy your day! xoxox

I don't hate you!
In fact, I secretly harbor a desire to become an "our." How do I do that?

I'm sure you'll find something else to yell at me for in the near future. I'm guessing.

Of course, I had to go investigate S&V's shipping rates. What is shocking is that they list the UPS prices first and if you want USPS you have to scroll to the bottom. But yeah, a flat rate $5+ box to ship 8oz of tea seems a bit over the top to me. Good thing you've got an enabler/dealer/girlie who can send it to you!

Every time I go to hit "post" on your comments, I see "Don't Be An Asshole" and stop to wonder what I did. Then I realize it's not me *personally* but a general reminder. LOL!

Love that tin.

You need to buy a year or two's worth of tea at a time to make the shipping a bit more reasonable.

Or keep relying on the kindness of strangers. Or strange friends. Whatever.

Plus me pleeze.

Earl Grey is my absolutely favorite kind of tea. I buy mine from Adagio and they have an Earl Grey Green that I really enjoy.


I'm lost on the internet yet again...I haven't seen google+.
The tea tin is wonderful! And the tea looks...well almost not like tea but maybe potpourri!
You've made more yummy yarn. Looking good!
Hope your day was restful.

Hip hip hooray!! (I'm being your TdF cheerleader because I'm not participating.) That tea looks delicious, I'm sure it tastes wonderful. I'm off to Minnesota again tomorrow, maybe I'll have to pack a spindle or two to get back into this spinning business while I'm there.

I think your people hate me explanation is quite optimistic and very wrong too! It is only that most of us admirers are still denied entrance to that new kingdom of Google+ that's all!

Those singles are beautiful, you should have taken yarn photos to have feed for all sorts of pages,,,,! :)

Google+ is another group thingie? Where will it end? (Rhetorical).

Lovely, lovely spinning. It looks like the tea, lavender and rose colors.

I love the bobbins and they will be the most beautiful yarn ever! Well, maybe not ever as I like the yarn you knit into my shawl a little better.
Everything is completely overwhelming and don't talk to me about aging.

I am afraid that I don't know what Google + is...the tea looks lovely as do the singles. I enjoyed my TDF day of rest today...my feet were tired.
Back at it tomorrow tho..my wheel is calling.

I missed you.


It's always fun to introduce someone who doesn't quite "get it" to the wonder of handknits. I WANT that tea tin. (Sorry. I try not to covet, but sometimes it just happens.) So far, I'm just pretending that google+ doesn't exist. La-la-la-la-la.

lovely tea and tin! Earl is my hub's fave, I vary it so much since I used to work in a coffee/tea joint. Ever have lapsang souchong? dare ya!

I was just listening to our radio guy this morning talking about Google+, the new social network. He said you can't get in it unless you have an invitation. Hrmmmmm.....

As for the tea, it's so pretty to look at and I bet it smells divine, let alone the taste. It would definitely make my day! :)

Spinning..... more like picking VM matter going on here. sigh... I will live through your spinning if you don't mind. HA!

The tea and spinning are both lovely. I've been reduced to lurking, by the way, because my iPad won't let me comment - I get a stupid error message. So I thought I'd speak up while I'm on a real computer to let you know I'm thinking about you!


That tea sounds lovely! Handknit socks will definitely make a believer out of that guy.

Hand knit socks from hand spun hand dyed fiber? He'll never go back:)
Your tea sounds wonderful.

Stop mentioning that lovely-sounding tea! I know this isn't the first time I've been suckered into wandering their website.

The TdF has been brutal & here's hoping everyone (cyclists & motorists) remembers how to drive & stay on the road a little better.

I'm liking the Google+ thing too, but my biggest problem at the moment is getting anyone else to sign up for it. My wall is bare and I just hope some more friends hop on before someone figures out how to paper it with Farmville and the rest of that crap.

The tea sounds interesting and looks pretty cool. Yay for Annie. Coming from the future, the sock yarn looks lovely!

I'm doing my best to ignore the plus thing. Like I need another thing to have to catch up with. 0.o

Is the Google+ just another Facebook? I ignore Facebook - I suppose I can work up some more ignoring for the Plus...

I think I like Google+ but do not quite know what I want to do with it. I must say that I prefer blogs, as I am easily overwhelmed by the g+, fb, ravboards, etc. The repetition is a toughie, too. Ah, I suppose I will eventually figure it out, or not, and it does not matter much as I have enough trouble keeping up with anything.

Mmmmm...fancy tea!

Six ounces in a week impresses the socks off of me. You rawk!


Love the tea tin, may need to check out that tea - Earl Grey is one of my faves. But what is this Google + of which you speak? I am (not surprisingly) behind on that one...

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