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Monday, July 25, 2011


No. But it does look delicious, for not being tacos.

Looks divine. I's loves bagged salads.

Looks yummy! Now I'm hungry....if I had the ingredients I'd make one right away. :)
Bagged salads are wonderful!

Perfect summer fare! Looks beyond yummy. Beats the heck out of the baked potato and ancient grilled chicken I had tonight;-P Hugs, girlie!!

Looks wonderful. Now I'm hungry. Again. And bagged salads work here, too.

Explains a lot! Great dinner option. I love mandarin orange segments/pieces/parts in my salad. Mmmmmmm.

I'm glad you're not dead. I'm not dead either.

Oh! It's a food blog! I LOVE food blogs! Heh.

I get bagged salad from my CSA :-D

Mmm...good salads have a way of doing that to a person. I may have to run to the grocery store tomorrow.

Poor salad. Consumed by passion. Literally.

That looks yummy! And I'm glad you're not dead.


Looks fabulous!

How would there ever be any leftover fried chicken? It's a yummy looking salad and I personally only use bag salads because I am extremely lazy.

I adore bagged Caesar salad mix, so no judgements here! Mmm, cold fried chicken!

That looks so good!

Looks fabulous! I always use bag salads...so much easier. I make a very similar salad but add craizins and crumbled gorgonzola. If we weren't meeting my son and his girlfriend for dinner I would have to make that tonight!

I am in great like of the Wendy's one with fruit and almonds. Pricy, but yum, and I can make the biggun go 2 lunches. I also sub out the dressing to an avocado ranch thing.
so yup, summer = salad luv

I want some. Now.

Glad you're not dead. I'm just hanging in there, not dead either.

The salad does look good. Not as good as your yarns though.

Looks good to me! I get those little cans of rice noodles (crunchy bits) and toss on my salads :^) xox

mmmmmm - fried chicken & salad

That's the way to survive summer. Oh.crap. Now I have that song, "Summer Nights," stuck in my head.

Mmm! Looks delicious. Love those mandarin orange segments.

Fried chicken in a salad! I think I've been living under a rock...

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