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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


And cute socks they are! I wonder why so many yarns remind me of food...these look like sherbet.

We've got cool temps too now...lower 70s. First part of next week into the 90s. Uff.

Happy Wednesday!

Lovely socks. It's hot here and I am loving it! I imagine there are lots of reasons why everyone in the world hates us, and you have just scratched the surface.

Great socks! It has rained for the last two days here, which has been weird since it turned into summer (finally) last week. Unfortunately, I am still sneezing and I think it just is encouraging more pollen. Doh!

Alert the media! Cookie is knitting! Pretty socks.
We had a rain storm a short time ago. Was it your rain? I'm not complaining. The air is clean and the sky beautiful, almost as beautiful as your socks!

Lovely socks. Perhaps I should try this knitting thing again too.
I'm still enjoying the Tour, but can't wait for the mountains to make it a bit more interesting.

Nice socks, and yeah, they do look like sherbet. Today's been our first cool day (heat index below 100) but it's supposed to get hot again :-/

Nice socks! :-D I think that colorway might actually have been called Sherbet... go figure. ;-) Thanks for the shop plug too. :-)

Love the socks -- they look good enough to eat! Mmmmmm.

Love the socks. And back a few posts stealing an idea is not cool. If I were ever to reopen my fiber shop and want to use a variant of Joan's wonderful idea I would be sure to get permission (If she would agree) and give full credit.

Anywho I survived the trip to visit relatives, but haven't been able to spin a lick. I'm so behind on Tour d' Fleece and SOS 2011.
Oh well. It happens at least I'm not in jail.


Oh those are yummy Cookie.

Americans? Smug?
Gee, what a surprise.
Or not.

Those socks are purty.

Nice socks.
That's why my TV is connected to nada.

The colors on the socks are fantastic --- like strawberry lemonade. Or something equally sweet and refreshing. Very nicely done.

Lovely socks!!

Pretty pretty socks and you can still knit - Yay :)

Didn't you hear smugness with oneself is the only test American high schoolers got the highest scores in the world for? really!

Love those socks - if you need anymore practice ;-) - I wear a size 8.
Love, love, love your posts!

Yay! Socks! I should make some socks one of these days...

I am also enjoying the cool weather. I'm really going to hate it when it gets all hot and shit again.

Those socks really do look like sherbet. Pretty pretty pretty!

I pray that most people in the world do not judge Americans by our politicians or our media. I think the majority of us are great and I really hope that shows through, but I fear you're right. The socks are beautiful and so cheery! Those will brighten up a gloomy day in a snap! Enjoy the cool. We're on our second day of it and then, back to the blast furnace!!!!

Lovely sock!
Cool weather in the midst of the summer is wonderful. I intend to vacuum today since it's cool here.

And today's TdF winner is wearing orange. . . perhaps the color of your knitting is influencing the outcome of the bicycle race.

I think you've got the highly edited version of the TdF coverage on the west coast. I have got the same commentators that they have every year, who knows what their names are but they're British. In any case, they know cycling and they are like old friends now even though I haven't a clue what they look like. I haven't seen the Americans in polo shirts yet, and based on what you've said, I think that any sign of them would be the cue to change the channel.

Pretty socks! They look very soft. Americans are the worst part about traveling abroad.

Yummy socks!!
ditto what Cindy wrote. well, the smugly american bs, and the smugly media, BAH! sooooooo tired of that shit!
the weather though? I see the jetstream thingy to the right and left of us (must be why she's having cooler temps), we're smack dab in not so fresh hell.
unless that day in the 90s counts. sigh.

Cute socks!

This weather is going to last and last and last. At least I hope so. I love it. Although I really need to finish a couple more sweaters.

Smug Americans? It hardly seems possible. ;)

We've been unseasonably cool this week, like under 100F. I'm enjoying it as I know the heat is coming back up the weekend.

Love your socks. Love the color.

Life kicked my Tour plans right out the window.

Stranger! O:

I'm loving the mid-80s temp in the valley. Amazing. I hope it'll cool off when I have to go back to work...

Love the socks! Hope things are amazing and not too terrible!

They are just the most perfect, cute, little socks that will hug your feet and the colors are just wonderful!

Yay, cooler temps!


You knit socks? Who knew? And I am shocked, I tell you, shocked! that they are pink. I thought greenblack was your favorite color ;-)

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