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Monday, June 06, 2011


Gorgeous sky! The fiber is beautiful (I know. What a surprise;-P). I adore the bowl. Is it a small bowl? Like soup or rice? And, yes, it's worth going hunting for its littermates. Happy Monday with hugs and stuff!!!!

The fiber is so pretty and I love the color but that BOWL! OH!! I want one.

We have clouds, wind and threatening rain. I wish you'd keep it to yourself.
Pretty much love that color, the bowl and you!

Blue is excellent for love, but it needs its littermates.

I love blue glazes in pottery, and the bowl has some of my favorite shades. Pretty bowl and pretty purple fiber, too.

The bowl matches your Thursday sky. : )
I love the dragonflies.

Sky pic is super and so is the fiber. That is crazy fast shipping!
I LOVE the bowl...there is a TJ Maxx in our closest "big" town...maybe I should go there and see if they have pretty blue dragonfly bowls, too!
Excellent job with the love....it's like riding a bike, you never forget how. :)

If I live to see Wednesday, I'll take the employee by the TJMax after his appointment.


Dragonfly: http://www.ikeahackers.net/2011/06/dragonfly-lamp.html

I've got some new cupcakes on their way to me because I realized I loved them so much that I'd be sad if someone else bought them. I snapped them up and I laugh in the face of our rotating postal strike.

Gorgeous bowl. Good luck with finding it some friends.

Maybe Ms. Cupcakes felt you are going to order this box and shipped it before you ordered?!? Kidding of course.

Your fiber, sky, bowl are all beautiful and it is
an impressive amount of love for a Mondy!

Nice clouds!

Yeah, the RS mentioned he went home to cool and rainy weather, and given he's relatively in your general area I bet you're tired of the cool, wet stuff.

It's hot and humid here, I'll trade you :-D

Our clouds look like that today! Thank goodness because while I like rain, it's unnerving in June.

Lovely Cupcake goodness! I know the feeling.

I've seen that bowl pattern in all the good Chinatown junk shops, down in the basement with all the other bowls and plates and such. For reals.

That's a lot of love for a Monday.
Who are you, and what have you done with Cookie?

The bowl is pretty enough to make hunting littermates well worth it.
And with your luck, the hunt will provide fodder for future posts...

The bowl is gorgeous. Get yourself to the other TJ Maxx and find it's friends. Love is hard to find so you've got to get it where you can:)

The sky is lovely. The clouds look like you could reach into the photo and pick them out.

More pretties! That is some gorgeous fiber.

I hope you find the mates.

More love is good.


Check out the other TJ Maxx...you'll regret it if you don't, speaking from experience

well talk about the love! as in those gorgeous fluffy cupcakes AND the beautiful little dragonfly bowl!
There's a three way that knocked me off my feet, saw it the other day.. I noticed Margene was liking it too. It's been all crazy busy here.

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