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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I love the new blog design! Fabulous! And also, Monty Python. Yessssss.

Me too. Especially the banner.

Nice new design. Simplicity is elegant, you know...

Nice clean blog lines. Maybe I need to change up my blog layout. Oh, that would mean new posts are expected. Hmm.

I have Jar of Hearts from another Perri/Perry stuck in my head since I heard her sing it a cappella on the drive from DC. Kate is good too.

Random is good.

*sits down and makes myself comfortable*


I love me some Russell too, but not in a get married to Katy Perry kind of way. He's just hella funny.

The banner and layout are good and it's fun to play with redecorating.

Does too!

I love the new blog design. The header looks good. Though my favorite part is the "Don't Be An Asshole". It sits just right below the comment section to give it two meanings.

I feel the same way about the ancient Anthony Hopkins, so don't worry about it;-P I was just telling our Joan that my hydrangea's (that's what your pic is) are almost done for the year. Mine are sorta dotted with white, blue and pink. I love them. And, maybe you need a different set of friends. I have several who will do damn near anything for any set of sex acts. Of course, Katy Perry ('FIREWORKS")might not have been mentioned. Hugs!!

Whoa, the new design threw me off. I like it! But for a second I thought I was at the wrong site.

Is it pathetic that I didn't notice you'd changed until you mentioned it? Yeah, I thought so. Sigh.
Russell Brand? And you DON'T like Matt Damon? Damn, I think I must stick with Joan on the man-front.

Obviously, I enjoy me a bit o tandem random :D
huh, forgot what my comment was. o well. full of xo's

I like the new layout. Nice and clean! Makes mine feel like a cluttered mess, but I'm a guy so I get over that easily. :)

I love the new layout of your blog!!!


I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who has been sucked into the Glee Project - I think my brain cells are dying by the minute. What's not to love about Russell Brand's voice!

I think I have found that everyone is dealing with a randomness that no one can explain. I was thinking that it was the weather especially around here and then realized that I think it is just the way people are dealing with life and with the world the way it is. We then pick up random things to hang onto. So I decided that since we have no direct way to change anything (as I see it anyway)take the randomness that you have found and embrace it for what it is for now and enjoy what you have found.

I thought I was at the wrong blog.... not you at all. It will take awhile for me to get used to it.

check your email tonight too :)

Your new blog "look" is very classy indeed!

The blog looks fresh and clean. :) I like the field of poppies for the header!
The 1st time I saw Russell Brand...probably on Jay Leno...I thought what an oddball. But then he spoke and I was entranced!

I miss your sidebar, that said, the new layout is very sleek and sophisticated.

POPPIES! Love 'em.

Sadly, I had never heard of the Monty Python thing.

Even more sadly, I cannot watch it as I do not have cable.

... But joy! 'Tis available on Netflix Instant Watch!

While I didn't there was anything wrong with the 'old' look... I really LOVE this new, clean, spare look!

Liking the new blog and I totally agree about River Monsters. So much fun.

Have a goodish day

I love the banner and the Don't Be An Asshole...words to live by, dontcha think?!

Love the new look, love those poppies, and omg, the hydrangea took me to my knees.
I get it about the voice, I find a few that I could listen to for days/months/years/decades... you get it.

Nice clean blog design! And I love the hydrangea. So pretty.

The blog overhaul looks great!

Russell Brand, eh? Interesting.

Just added the Monty Python documentary to my Netflix queue.


I don't even know who Russell Brand is. Until I google him. And then.....oh. Of course I know who he is. No wonder [edited due to your DBAA banner. Rats].

Love the MP - I endlessly quote Holy Grail (blue...no, green. aaaaahhhh! and the classic, 'I don't WANT to go in the cart!') and Life of Brian (fweeee! bwian!! - I say that to Brian all the time, he still laughs...possibly in a 'you are crazy' way)

Huh. I may need to de-clutter my blog layout, too. Love yours. Especially the banner photo.

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