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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Please send cool patch here. Otherwise I'm going to have to forgo clothes and knit nekkid or quit knitting until it gets cooler!!!

Yay Otter for the blog button! I may actually be clearing my wheel but I'll send out a real alert in advance so there will be cushions in place for folks to faint in disbelief upon.

I'm happy for your cool patch of weather! Enjoy it! We've got one here today, too, and all the windows are open. Love it.

And, you could be his hottie!!!!!

Saturday? Truly? Oh nos!

It must be a full blue moon because there are things going on around here that you wouldn't believe. o.0
Yay! You are knitting again! WooHoo!
Enjoy your cool weather like we will be enjoying our FINALLY warm weather! :D

yay knitting!! Maybe I'll get off my lazy ass and pick mine back up again soon :-D

awesome! what pattern????

I tried to read your blog post... but got distracted by Daniel Craig. ah, sigh.

I would watch that Bond movie. Heh.

I'm already on Sock #2 - the curse is broken!

Yes. To your opening paragraph. (eyes rolling around and around)
You know.. you're just giving Joan fodder, right? ;)
and YAY for your sock! xox

Yes, I am shocked. But pleased.
I must admit that I don't quite get the Russell Brand thing. But then, I haven't seen him in anything other than the Monty Python thing.

It's raining. People are always crazy. Oh no!! They can see into my window at work! Gah!! Must go home.

Can't you start something if you finish it by Saturday?

It starts Saturday? I'm so glad you reminded me!

It does seem that the crazies are out in full force these days. Okay if you cast on, then I may have to as well. However I am loving the sleeve I'm on right now.

LOL LOL LOL! I've beens super busy, so thanks for the reminder that le Tour starts Saturday!

I dunno, I just read an article about Michele Bachmann and it's clear to me that most Americans have been out of their damn minds for some time now.

Mmmm, Daniel Craig...

What kind of wax do you use Cookie

Since my Tour goal is just to spin for 10 minutes or more each day, I'm not worrying about emptying bobbins....

"Live and Let Ply"
"Live to Ply Another Day"

and the list could go on.....Daniel Craig tangled in yarn. That's an image to spin to.

Is it sad that I'm going to have to google Daniel Craig and Russell Brand to find out who they are?
All my bobbins are full of Goldie. I'm trying trying trying to get some clearing done.
Or maybe I should just make 'finishing Goldie' my goal...

I guess I should wax my wood too in preparation for the Tour. :D Hey! You knit?!?!?

Busy Busy! I can't participate in the Tour as my wool job will be picking through two fleeces and sending them off to the mill. As for the socks, well, best intentions and all - til I found out I had already started a pair before SOS started! I am so damn behind!! LOL Hugs and enjoy your day Cookie!

So pumped for the TdF! I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'll be spinning something new.

Russell Brand as the baddie would be hilarious. I say this as a Christopher Walken fan.

I'm thinking full moon and black cloud:( People suck.

We are in a cool patch, thank goodness because our heat pump broke. As much as i enjoy a summer breeze, I enjoy air conditioning much, much more. Tour starts Saturday? How did it become summer all of a sudden? I have got to get out of work more often!

oh good! A blog button - so I can show the blog world that I'm signed up for a spin-along and failing miserably. ;op hehehe (I like it and it'll be up today...now to figure out my goals...oh hell who am I kidding, spinning at all should be my goal)

Daniel Craig. Yep.

Oooh! Blog Button! Cute!

Socks until the beginning of the Tour? Still, sniffy wax can be hard to resist.


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