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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Looks a little like a minion face to me...
The spinning is looking good!

my thought on the face is not appropriate for others... naughty

I have a hard time with wordless, too, as you may have noticed. I see that little face and think it's so cute!

I have never spun outdoors. Do you sleep? How do you spin so much? You must be Rumpelstiltskin.

Your tea is looking back at you...That is just a little scary.
Your fiber is a lovely color. I bet the yarn will be to die for.

I love the color of your bobbins. Lovely deep rich brown that ompliments the purple nicely. Great looking yarn in progress, as always.

Sometimes it just isn't good to spin outside, ya know? And, I love the little face in your tea. Those singles are so pretty!! I need my yard guy to call me back so I can spin again and not worry about Mother Nature kicking my butt!!!

Tea! That's what I need this afternoon to stop snacking!

I wish I could spin outside. During the time it took me to water the plants on the front porch, I received five mosquito bites. I'll emerge from my air-conditioned haven in September!

Love that color! Love that tea face!

The little face is awesome.
So is that batt/yarn color!

I'd say it would be good weather-wise for spinning outside between say.......5 and 6:30am. Even then the stupid sun keeps slanting spikes sideways.

Two days of heat. I think my quota is filled.

School just let out. And with the new & improved schedule the schools seem to have adopted? I'm not sure they're ever IN school anymore.


Me think you need to boil your water better before making that tea but then you will not have the face! or is it iced tea or something? :)

That fiber is going to be a lovely yarn and where is the promised photo I came here for????

I love the face, althogh I am not so sure that I want my tea looking back at me...same reason I would never order fish with the head on or eat beef tongue, in that case I don't want my food to taste me back. I know, my mind works in odd ways.

My first thought about the tea face was that it was one of those blue puffalumpakuss' (sp?) - you know the ones with the long blue elephane noses? What the heck show was that?? LOL - or, yep - should have just said "minion" much easier!!

Cookie, that fiber is gorgeous and your spinning is just perfect!

6 days! I must finish my orange craziness sweater and get ready!! and did you see? did you see? I think my Silver Bells pattern is going to win for August!! :D

So very lovely, your panda singles they are.

Yeah, I would not add the pressure of getting this done by then, especially if you already have a three-way that works for you.


bah, there's too much nature outside. Stay in where it's safe ;op

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