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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Thank Dog you came to your senses with the whole sock thing.

Ahhh... so my little friends finally arrived in CA to confuse you. I've been trying to get the possums to take a trip too, but they like my back yard too much.

Hi! You're so cute with the sock idea. I have a plan. Keep this on the backburner 'til the year of homespun is over. And then get cracking on 26 pairs of socks for her 52nd birthday in 2 years. It'll be a huge surprise.

It maybe could have worked but it would have been a nightmare to organize and administer. What up with the raccoons? Weird.

If you didn't blog about it so publicly we could have pulled out something with those socks girl.
I believe you had the seeds of a great idea there.

And who said every sock need a mate? if you ask some girl I know well, she will explain, unmatching socks are high fashion!

Did you know raccoons are most intelligent and the animal that adapted the best to urban living? Oh and that Toronto is the raccoon capital of the world? Apparently they love our city.

You know I offered to knit. And I'll make a whole pair.

Coons are cute and all but I really wouldn't like them in my yard even if they were just passing though. o.0
Some day, when it is most inconvenient to everyone on your street, the goons/workmen will come back.
You're not loony...it sounds like a fun idea! But how does Joan feel about you advertising her age?! :D

Or next yeargo for 51 socks, plus the yarn, pattern, and a set of needles for the last one.

It was a sweet several ideas, but I am glad you were able to let it go. Street work is maddening. We had the same thing. They left for 2 weeks with all this horrible mess before they came in to fix it. And, yes. I'm glad to posted today;-P

It's ok Cookie, I'll just be laughing near you. Wait, you didn't decide to do 25 pairs of handspun socks?

Raccoons last summer had regular parties/orgies in our backyard. I don't know what they're into, but they sure made a lot of noise doing it.

I hate raccoons, so if they were running away from my house, all the better. Of course, I would chase and yell at them to discourage any return behaviors.

The sock idea would be fun, but it would be a nightmare to administer. How about everyone just post socks on their blog for her birthday instead?

Poor Joan - inundated with 25 unmatched socks... I'm not sure she'd ever forgive you for THAT birthday present.

You could knit 50 sock ornaments. Quick, odds and ends of handspun yarn, what do you think?

Raccoons have those creepy hands that could totally knit socks for Joan given enough direction. Get on that in your spare time.

Maybe a non-knit theme gift is more appropriate. 50 kinds of cookies? That would work.

I totally love the sock idea. Any one of them. I'm up for a pair. Could motivate me to finish the second one of the several pair I have going... so, any of those wrorker guys worth looking out the window for? When they return, I mean...it would be a silver lining. Just looking, of course. Count me in for a pair...
Yeah, I, for one, am glad you posted...

I saw a fox running through our subdivision this morning. I think all the animals are plotting their takeover. The are scouting to pick out which house they want after the takeover.


I'm trying to picture the expression on her face as she unwrapped package after package of one sock each.

What size foot does she have?

Of course we're glad you blogged.

Also we could do something like 50 projects for Joan. Though foot size and other size info might be useful. Sides, it would be fun to surprise or not surprise. It could even be a Rav group.

Critters! Two raccoons? I bet you'll have more soon.... Want a woodchuck or three?

Good luck with the street stuff.

You are a good friend.

I'd be willing to knit Joan a sock or a pair but let's face it. She'd be celebrating her 100th birthday by the time she got it.

We have raccoons. They like to clean the fruit & veggies they steal from the garden in the birdbath.

You know I'm jumping in, and happy to knit our Joan a pair of socks!! just give me the details I need. it's a done deal.

Oh, and I was in!

I would love to see some wild life other than pigeons.

I thought you were going to say you were going to spin the yarn and knit 25 pairs of socks.

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