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Friday, June 03, 2011


That yarn looks really awesome and perfect.

Oh no, we would never use the same password for more than one account. Never. Because then it would be too easy to log in to our own accounts. I mean, who wants to be able to log in to their own accounts? Silly people.

Three days in a row.

Y'all shocked, impressed or bored at this point? ;^)

Thrilled! You left out thrilled.

Love the look of your new yarn. Looking forward to the socks. Sorry your having coldish with rain. I'd sent you part of my 100F day so that we could both be at say 80, but I haven't been able to get the "Weather Goddess" to listen to me in that kind of detail.

Love, love, love the sock yarn! It looks like a sunset.
60s for you, hunh, we actually got into the 70s today...amazing. We had a storm during the night that made me wonder if we should go to the basement and also wonder how to get the cats to go along with the idea.
Changed my password. Now the challenge will be if I can remember what I changed it to!
I'm impressed. :D

Impressed. Plus I really love those colors.

60's? It's freezing.

I hear Google got hacked too so you should probably change that passwords as well. Grrr.

I iz seeeeepy

but happy you're alive and not in jail

It kinda sorta looks like Dahlia? The Zarzuela colorway. Maybe. That's what I'm going with.

Is it called the I Hate People color?
Purdy yarn.

Pretty yarn!

Wait... 60s is cold? We're about to set a record (if we didn't already, I haven't kept track) for consecutive days under 70. It's ridiculous.

Lovely! All sunrise-y and shit like that.

Shocked, definitely, but we've come to expect that from you. Pretty pink future-socks.

I just glanced at the first picture of the yarn and thought 'What is Cookie cooking with ground hamburger??'

The yarn is pretty though. :) *Grin*

Never bored.

Shocked, ecstatic and wondering is it a monthly or rest of the year endeavor?* :)

*please, please, let her choose rest of the year,,,,

What a difference thwacking makes!

Love it.

(I have some lovely Joan fiber which I am planning on treating myself to during Tour de Fleece. It is pink. I have spun a little on my spindle, enough to sort of get the hang of it, but have not gotten to the point of thwacking yet.)

Lovely lovely Lovely yarn! The colourway is probably called 'Cookielove' hee.
I knew about Ravelry (and now I'm trying to remember what I did, drats) but wha? google?

Thrilled to death. That is beautiful and the socks will be gorgeous!!! You could send some of it this way and I'd be happy to set it out in the sun, but it might spontaneously combust so that's not really an option, huh? Hugs, Sweetie!!!!

Thanks for the before and after shots, Cookie. It is nice to see how your "over-spun" is just beautiful in the final skein. Love.

I saw the rav tweet before I flew home so I changed that. Thanks for the reminder because I need those.

Those darned Chinese/Russians/Bulgarians/Nigerians. If they had my Rav password they could get into my library account and THEN where would I be?

Shocked, thrilled, and ecstatic!
Pretty sock yarn!
And I'm almost out of exclamation points! (Again!)

I adore that sock yarn. I had a toothbrush that color when I was a little girl ... I used to hold it up to the sunset and admire how well it matched the colors in the sky.

(Sort of can't believe I just admitted that. Hitting "post" before I change my mind.)

Stupid weather. It should coordinate with your yarn-drying needs.

Oh that yarn is just lovely! It will make beautiful socks.
I changed all my passwords. Somehow (aka laziness) I ended up with a bunch using the same thing. Now I have a list and I still keep signing into ravelry with my old password...
I hope it's warm and dry there so your yarn dries.

If I had a higher consciousness level (due to work, not something fun!) I would remark something smart and clever about the yarn. Instead I will leave it at neat and good job! Loving the posts.

Well I have been gone for the last week and a half and so glad to see you have resurfaced and it seems with your sense of humor intact. What I really want to know is what is up with this crazy weather don't get me wrong I am not ready for the temps that we should be getting but sitting here at noon with an inside jacket on is just nuts for this time of year. Heard about the storm while I was gone guess it stirred things quite a bit guess we will have to see what happens with the storms this weekend. As far as Joan goes wish I had an idea to help you I would be happy to knit a pair for her but I am pretty slow and I am in the middle of trying to finish a couple of time sensitive projects and I am pushing it as it goes. Let me know if a new idea comes up I would like the chance to try and help. This 50th birthday thing is why I was gone recently the family surprised me with a surprise trip. So I am all for helping if possible. Have a good week

That is some gorgeous yarn. It will make beautiful socks.

Very pretty Ms. Cookie. You need to send me some of your posting mojo. Mine has gone missing.


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