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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I love it, too!!
Hey, what's with all the love? Where's the real Cookie!?

So, doesn't the giraffe print of your handbag clash with your cow print hide? ;^p

The yarn is nice and all but I really like your bag.

Pretty pretty panda.

Love the yarn! I have the same purse in Zebra with hot pink (cause that is my favorite) trim. Love it to death. And can't wear it out...which has never before happened with a handbag that I love to death.

Glad to know I'm not the only one with toes in pictures! I do it all the time!
The yarn looks wonderful even if some colors refuse to be photographed.
How did you get lucky enough to find a purse that you love that also hasn't worn out in one season?

I find toes excellent reference for sizes. Besides, I'm incapable of taking a ground pic without including my toes. I love the Panda. And, I'm envious. That purse is adorable.

Fabulous bag, fabulous yarn. I love a good handbag! For some reason, the yarn says rustic shawl to me. An easy pattern, maybe some simple texture stitches thrown in, because too much patterning would take away from that lovely shine. Then again, i have shawls and pink on the brain, trying to finish up a huge pink baby blankie and a giant blue shawl on deadlines. Baby blankie is doing good, nearly to the border, but i still have the fourth pattern and edging on the pi shawl.

Love the bag, and the Panda.
And yes, the witch!!!!

But I want to see your toes!!


That yarn is supposed to be brown.

Love it anyway.


That yarn looks super squishy! I love it.

Your handbag is FAB. So is the yarn. And . . . I love the new digs (although I was busy yesterday and didn't visit. . . so at first I thought I had wandered into the wrong place).

Whatever color the yarn is, it is fabulous. I am also a big fan of the three-ply for all that I spin that will not become lace.


I have severe handbag envy. The yarn is groovy, too, but the bag...


Pretty pretty pretty!
If I carried a handbag, I'd be jealous, but I don't, so you're safe...

The yarn looks wonderful, even if I can't really see the color - :) And I love the new blog layout.

Fabulous purse. I had to hunt for the witch. (Found her!) I like both those colors......isn't it nice of your camera to give you those options?

Wonderful yarn. Cool bag. Who cares if the pictures don't work?


AWESOME new banner!!!!


But wait - what's the difference in how you spun the yarn? And which do you prefer?

Heee. "that yarn is supposed to be brown".
It's gorgeous. :) xox

Lovely yarn and that is a super amount of yardage! What did you change in your spinning and what triggered the change, Cookie?

Happy Sunday!


Hey! You moved the furniture around - I like it!

Lovely spinning! I have some green Cupcake Fiber around here that I need to finish up and blog about before someone shows up on my doorstep and yanks it outta my hands for not following through ;op

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