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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I dont know what is worse, the juxtaposition of stores, or the name sugarbunz. I heavily disdain things that end in "z"' so I will go with the latter. Here we have fireworks, so everyone picks a random quiet moment between eleven and two am to set off a random holy-Jesus-we-are-under-attack loud firework. It certainly does keep one on their toes... Mainly to want to fight the asshat who decided it was a good idea. You have less than a week to wait until the fourth, go the Fuck inside.

Yes, dearheart. Get it out of your system or it will poison you. Kelly sounds like she may be on the same wavelength. I am resigned to the entire nightmare that be this weekend. I will stock up on wine and chocolate and keep the a/c cranked. Me, the pup and Stinky. It should be rockin';-P Hugs!!!!

I think you should break into the ice cream early- sounds like an emergency...

Yum, ice cream and vodka. What I really need are wine bottles and gasoline soaked rags. I'm not looking forward to the next few days. It's going to be over a 100 degrees and every half wit in my neighborhood will be setting off firecrackers.

Maybe I can show them that picture and send them your way. After all, you are already suffering. One of us should have a good......no? Rly? huh.

Vodka? You? Really?
If so, you must REALLY be in a bad mood.
Hope it gets better.

Please tell me that they aren't selling fireworks right next door.


Always glad you post and you must feel better just getting all that off your chest!
Do you drink/eat the ice cream and vodka at the same time?? *L* I've heard of vodka and watermelon but never ice cream...

I definitely would look into that butterfly massage. Mmmm, vodka (I'm thinking of the ginger variety) on ice creammmmmm. Could be a lot safer than the butterfly massage. Ought to stick with that, I'm thinking.

Personally I really like how SugarBunz did the TOTALLY SUBTLE upside down heart which looks like a butt. I wonder if they do Butt Botox? /ponders who would *need* butt botox...

Oh, I forgot to mention--nice job eighting out the real phone number for SugarBunz. Now I can't prank call them asking about their Butt Botox pricing. /pouts

Ice cream . . . saving the day, once again! Dig in!

Mango vodka, in lieu of milk, makes a lovely milkshake.

As a clinical massage therapist (on hold as I am deep in career 4 as an OT :D) I resent folks like that. I feel for the *hopefully* honest massage therapists at the Butterfly joint. There is the juxtaposition of "masseuse" vs. "massage therapist". Unless, of course, they both are of the bad sort. sigh.

Um, I got nothing. That's just too weird!!

Are those really totally separate businesses? If so, I think I'd go for the Butterfly massage vs. the massage at the place with all the needles (piercing, tattoos & botox, oh my!).

I somehow didn't even realize it was the weekend of the 4th. I think it has to do with being an unemployed lazy-ass. Good luck surviving. Keep the vodka close.

Looks like 2 red boobies with tassels in the window!

pb ice cream????

WTH? But yeah, vodka and ice cream should cure what ails you.

Wow, I can't come up with a suitable response to that except, "Weird" and "People actually go there?" Of course, I'm feeling extra crabby because I'm stuck at work ALONE. Yes, I'm the only one here today because everyone else has the day off. JMJ!* I really would have been happy sleeping in today!

*Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

and what the heck is a Butterfly massage? O.o

Fucking Excellent. By that I mean soooo wrong. o.0

WHO in their right mind would get a tattoo at a place called SUGARBUNZ!?! srsly?!?! That's fucked up.

Always glad you posted. :D I'm a little disturbed by your neighborhood now.

Time to visit TX and get away from the crazy. Lake vacation for a week and you'll go back with a whole new perspective.

After you're with Squishy for a week, I wonder what the new perspective will be? :D

Wasn't it LA Law with some butterfly mystery? I'm sorry you're cranky because of the neighborhood! I hope you have chocolate or caramel sauce for the ice cream and ice cubes for the vodka.

are these places near the drive through liquor/guns/ammo & bait shop?

And now we know how to get LOTS of comments on your blog! Yay!

Right before my vacation I "inherited" a box full of liquor from a neighbor who was moving. If I didn't live on the other side of the country from you, I'd invite you to share it with me. As it is, I think I'll just be very busy and very unproductive.

I love it when you're cranky. May I direct your gaze to this post about making strawberry vodka? I'm obsessed!

I think you should send Anne their real phone number. I'd like to hear the response to that question. :)
I'm holing up for the weekend. with a little doggie duty on the side.
I also have vodka. :)

I didn't know butterflies even needed massages --- much be a more stressful life than I had thought.

I want to know how you give a butterfly a massage? Are do they mean they give you a massage by using butterflies? So confusing! :)

Have a good weekend!

Sugarbunz? Srsly?

Well you know after the kids have stopped at the smoke shop and slammed their illegally purchased 12 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon or Coors light, they need a place to go and get their nipples pierced and get that tattoo of Bret Michaels Rock of Love logo they've always wanted...
Hope you don't have anyone lighting off the sticks of dynamite that I've been enjoying (courtesy of the neighbors) for the past few nights!

That is more than enough for the cranky-causing. I would almost laugh at the signs if it were not all so terrible.

I could totally go for some ice cream. As for the vodka, I read about using it, lavender, and sun to make a spray.

Hope your new week is better.


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