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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The Damask is gorgeous, and you are the bomb.


Drive by commenting:

1. Batts are beautiful
3. You better knit something soon or you'll forget how!

You're in a "mod"?
It's about time Typepad peoeples made us happy. OMG! That pink is amazing! It's much like the pink from my Trio batts. heart!

I would totally buy a colorway called "My Tiny Bitter Heart." And this surprises no one.

That pink is gorgeous. And really, no knitting since Emily2? Not even socks? That's weird. Also, I think it's awesome about your picture being featured on the pattern. Totally awesome. Go you!

The roving is absolutely stunning. I like the name "My Tiny Bitter Heart", too, but can totally understand that Joan is most probably holding off until she find the perfect color to use it. Congrats. Your Emily2 just pops on the pattern page. Gorgeous. And, your Damask is so so lovely.

The Damask is gorgeous! Very pretty colorway, too, I like it almost as much as the roving.

Ooh, I could definitely cozy up with that box of batts. They look super soft! Somewhere between cloud and marshmallow.

What color is a Tiny Bitter Heart? Wait, don't send me links of weirdness.


I love "My Tiny Bitter Heart".

My Tiny Bitter Heart is a perfect name for yarn/fiber.
Damask is stunning!

What did I do now?!?

Tiny little heart is a perfect name! make sure to tag it too and you may be surprised how fast it will go :)

Your Emily is amazing, as I said before and I am glad the designer share my opinion, he is a smart boy!

Damask - No words for this beauty and it seems like it achieved its purpose beautifully, way to go girl.

And who is talkative now,,,, hehehe,,, ooops sorry

oops no little bitter of course, stupid me, clicking before reading,,, sorry girl!

The People speak! My Tiny Bitter Heart for the win! (Thanks for all your work on the splog issue.)

Oh how happy am I that I shall never have to spin since I can just buy the fruits of your labors. My life is good!

Lovely pink fluff bits by the way...

Those batts look like yummy cotton candy. Looking forward to see what you spin up.

Gorgeous batts!

And OMG did you notice they're pink???

(btw set up a pinterest account, usual username, if you're up there)

Your knitting & spinning rock, of course. It must have just about killed you not to share those lovely batts for this long.

It's all beautiful :^) !!! xox

Peter said it all.

The Damask is very pretty! I've looked at that pattern...

The fluff is wonderful in it's pinkness. Is that what you are thinking of adding to the other and making a cardigan? It'd be nice!

I kinda like the name My Tiny Bitter Heart. It makes me think of a dark burgundy color...

Ok, the shawl and the fluff are gorgeous and all but what I really want is that refried bean recipe. Mmmm, frijoles!

Hey! I can read a blog! Xoxo. After the wedding i hope to get back to reading more often. I miss you.

Oh boy, time to sign up for Summer Of Socks to knit my obligatory one sock and then sputter for the remainder of it.

drank a full cup of coffee to click, read, and admire my way through your linkfest. :D Thanks. Srsly.

Beautiful shawl! Too cool on Emily2! I liked that fiber before and now it is fabulous. You make lovely, lovely yarn. Love your name suggestion. :D

Wow! I NEVER would have guessed that those batts came from the braid I sent you. Our Joan sure is amazing, isn't she?

That is very cool! I loved that he asked even after you'd tweaked his pattern.

Ooh, the pretty pink eye candy!

Okay, I'm just going to gush over the 'tiny bitter heart' as a name and then I am not reading anymore because the gushing is making nauseous but it's impossible not to.

I do love that Damask!

I'm late for Training Camp already?!?!? I'm going to try and get myself in shape to get in on this.

Loving those batts, and imagining the wonderful yarn you will create from them.

Congratulations on your featured photo status for your Emily2! I love it!


Also about Emily2, it is an honor to be smoked by you. It makes me feel included and part of the game. I'm still working on mine, but it has been nice to play kal with you all.


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