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Thursday, April 21, 2011


So, you're stalking old friends in your pajamas, with a vacuum cleaner and a wad of lavender. Weird, indeed...

I love your lavender. So pretty and handy. Did the yellow jacket event end badly for the yellow jacket or you? I'm hoping it's the yellow jacket. Looks like you have tons of stuff going on and the sun is shining. With good friends and loved ones it all looks good!!!!

You have lavender?!?! Friends make the world go round...that is all that matters.

Stupid weird here too. Been in the dark since 10:45 on Tuesday night. Yes, I am aware that it is now Thursday.

Lavender is wonderful, I saw some the other day and almost bought it. Now I wish I had!

Weird is good. Stupid is bad.
We have had a recent plague of spiders. I think I'd trade for your yellow jackets.

How else do you get refried beans? I thought Rosarita had the lock.

I've never done battle with yellow jackets...just wasps. You spray their nest/hive door with killer spray in the evening when they are all at home for the night. Maybe the same works for yellow jackets?

Love the lavender! And the sunshine! And the leaves on the trees! Thank you. I needed that.

Gorgeous lavender! I always plan to do something with mine, but it rarely ends up being anything other than admiring it in the garden.

Eeek! I hates yellowjackets. Hates 'em, I say. Do be careful.

mmmmmmm, lavendar.

Lavender? How nice. Mine's recovering from winter which appears to be ongoing. It's snowing today.

Do you have a good recipe for refried beans? Seriously.

Re: yellow jackets. Been there, done that, got the sting(s) to prove it. Raid makes a killer product in an aerosol can (yeah, yeah, environment, etc., but yellow jackets trump all) that shoots 20 FEET! It's like a garden hose spewing poison. But it means you can kill the suckers and their nest without getting within stinging range. Then you tuck away the can in a safe place until the next invasion in, oh, 13 years or so.

I got sat on one once, duh. Ouch. And many years later I got stung on the finger so badly the only thing that killed the pain was two very stiff drinks of Jack and soda. Ice, tylenol, ibuprofen were useless. Only Jack...

I agree with Carrie, apparently I'm missing something on the refried beans front?

I finally bought a lavendar plant this year and am going to get that sucker in the ground this weekend!

Refried beans...yes from a can here also. The lavender is covered with 3 inches of snow and ice pellets and I agree with kmkat..Jack makes the pain stop from a sting. I got stung on the back of the neck one time by 4 of the little bastids..and fell out of the loft of the barn. My hubby caught me and I drank JD till the pain went. The spray worked fine...

2 day shifts this week and the calls are getting weirder and wierder...both of those look like they are spelled wrong.

Hang in there Cookie..

There used to be a cook who was on "PM Magazine", a local show, who would say, "I wish we had smellavision" (yes, this was in the early 80s)...well, I wish I had "smellamonitor" or "smellaputer" or something. Oh, lavender!

It can't be too weird. . . with lavender around. Or, wait. Maybe it can be.

i'm so with you when it comes to "well meaning" people. i want to hit them with a clue x 4.

"•The on-board hose thingy on the vacuum cleaner is not nearly long enough"

That's what She said! Ha!

(Hi, I'm 12)

You are a sweetie head, ya know that.

I will make some refried homemade beans again soon. I swears it! In the meantime I shall stick to my lazy white girl ways and eat the canned stuff. :p

Oh and when did we decide weird was wrong? Better to be weird that what some peolpe call normal.

Pretty lavender! Perhaps that is what attracted the bees? We have a porch that is filthy with mosquito eaters. While I appreciate the lessened risk of west nile, wtf are they eating in the middle of winter? Also, they are huge and terrifying.

Gah, a yellow jacket was the cause of a terrible horror scene in which I poured Diet Coke all over a laptop a few years ago. And this time of year, I keep waiting for the descent from my office ceiling of the plague of invisible white (microscopic babies) spiders that bite. The first time it happened I was sure I was imagining it for days. I thought I was going to need to be put in the psych ward.

You say weird like it's a bad thing!!


Think of it this way: "normal" is just a setting on the washing machine.

I HATE the slime on top of canned refried beans, but have yet to make my own. Once I get the garage freezer, I'm totally coming after you for a how-to on the refried beans front.

Did I tell you that I'm knitting with the stuff you wanted me to knit? I am. Pics to follow.....

I always appreciate calls with hilarity given a side of omgz.

hugs (and wearing your socks xo)

Mmmm. Refried beans.

I think I need to plant some lavender this year. I had a glorious plant a few years ago and someone dug it out at the end of the season, claiming it was too invasive.



Well you certainly brought out all the refried bean slackers (including myself) ;^) You should take us all in hand.
The yellow jackets, egads, they really should know better.
Yep. right with you on the weird, not necessarily the good weird either.. and it's mostly coming from Gracie, ffs. For such a small girl she can really picnic pack the weird.
'well meaning white ladies', again, ffs. xox

Beautiful lavender! Wilson makes the beans around here that don't come from a can. Me, 'fraid I use a can opener.

I hope the yellow jacket story has a happy ending. They are mean boogers.

Mmmm...lavender! One of my very favorites!

Sorry about giving you those headaches. Wait--I'm no lady, so that means it wasn't me! Yay!

Your friends are truly blessed in you.


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