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Friday, April 22, 2011


So, DO you have a lizard picture?? ;)

You do rock!! That's a lot of yarn. Very pretty yarn BTW!

I love it when you remember you rock. Sorry about your lizard. I tried to help, really I did, but my deviant nature took over.

I give up

Daaaang. I need to learn how to spin so I can make myself some pretty yarn like that. So awesome!!!

How big was the lizard???

Pardon my French, but holy shit!

That's like *THREE MILES* of yarn you had to spin to get 2ply. It's official. You are a freak. A spinning freak. Maybe Lizard is code for Spinning Freak! /runs

We saw a lizard photo, but there was no object for scale. Next time poke the lizard (gently) with a ruler says Griffin.

Loves the yarn!

Whoa! You so definitely RAWK! :D I'm not worthy of even commenting here. ;D Beautiful, Cookie!

You RAWK HARD!! It's beautiful!

Rockin' lizard!

Wow, that's gorgeous stuff!!

And lizards are still better than SNAKES or SPIDERS!!!!!!!

Lizard? I will not trade my spiders for that!
Lovely yarn.

Wait! I thought you sucked! That yarn is so beautiful it makes me want to cry.

Good mercy, that yarn, you DO... RAWK, and hard at that! GORgeous!
Lizard? I likes most of them.
hee. Griffin. :^)

So...we aren't going to see a picture of the lizard? So disappointed. :)

Gorgeous yarn. Amazing spinning! Anything lizardy would drown here in Middle Earth right now!!!!

Holy crap that is awesome yarn/color! Did you actually kill the lizard? cause ewwweeee is all
I can say.

There are spiders in the wild with thicker thread than that! Nice job!

Where is the lizard? The yarn is awesome and you do rock but you led off with a lizard!!

Wow, that yarn is all kinds of gorgeous! And the yardage?! Geez, girl!

Scrumptious yarn!
You really do RAWK!


We don't have spring yet, but we also don't have many reasons to scream out "LIZARD" and I'm ok with that.

That is some awesomely wonderful yarn with amazing yardage. Just wow.

That is all!! is an understatement love the yarn and the color is amazing, When I choose yarn I tend to avoid pastels and I am now making a note in my yarn shopping list to look at pastels I do forget since not always my first choice they are a great option so now I am actively going to look for a project and yarn in pastel. On another note I checked the weather and after the rain we are expecting tomorrow looks like the warm spring weather will return. Hope your coming week improves from what you have been dealing with. Talk again soon Traci

Rawk on with your bad self, Cookie :)
That is some fine looking handspun.

I'm stuck in Utah. It might snow tomorrow. Help?

What gorgeous yarn! You are indeed a spinner who rawks!


so where are the pics of this "lizard"? Inquiring minds need to know!

gorgeous yarn btw :)

You definitely RAWK. Where is the lizard pic? Inquiring minds want to know.

Indeed, you do!!

That yarn is FABULOUS! So are you. Oh, and by the way, I have gotten a similar response from a 23 year old boy too. I think it is the boy part rather than the age part...just sayin'

I prefer my lizards euphemistic.

Pretty purple yarn! That would go really well with the sterling roses in the front yard that - thankfully, survived the relocation.

Oh, it's stupid Typepad's fault about all those spammers? Freaking annoying. Now that I can think something other than tax........I'll have to go b**** about that.


Where's the lizard picture? Or were you wanting to borrow one of the million pictures I've taken of the ones Andy brings home?

Your spinning skillz make me want to hate you.

I am not worthy...LOL

If I practice a lot, maybe I can be like you??

Terrific hand spun Cookie..


That's beyond RAWKing. That's totally awesome and amazing.

You are such a spinning fiberesta

Very pretty. Yes, you RAWK.

Holy bob that's a lot of yarn!! Aren't you one of the ones that didn't want to get into spinning??? ;-) Gorgeous work my friend!

You do indeed RAWK!

I love your Purple People Eater yarn!


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