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Friday, April 29, 2011


Bitter? You??? Nah...

I'll trade you - my local sweetie gave me a nasty cold, and his wife has walking pneumonia so he gave it to *both* of us. That's not the kind of sharing poly is supposed to be about, dagnab it!! ;-)

I'm sorry about the wind and the headache. It's a lovely day here and I've thrown open the windows. What a treat!

As long as the mimosa and the bloody mary remain in existence, no, it is not too early to start drinking. I also recently learned of a local bar that does a mean bacon bloody mary. http://www.missionmission.org/2011/03/25/first-mm-bloody-mary-tour-this-saturday/

I started drinking at 11:30--Pimm's to celebrate the royal wedding!

It's past noon so it's not too early to drink. (As soon as I get home I'm hitting the whiskey bottle.) Our weather can trump yours...its snowing! It's very cold and gray, to boot. Makes me want to cry.
I'm happy with Typepad and, for once, our bitching paid off! I happily blocked anyone I didn't know or who didn't have an icon of their own. Don't be bitter, sweetie. It only hurts you. xoxox

I don't understand what the issues were with Typepad, but I'm glad they finally did something that made you happy.

Theft? Crap.

I'll be happy to do the drinking for you, so you don't have to.

Hope your headache is better quickly! Wind, wind go away...
Drankin' sounds like a plan! :)

Raising my glass to you right now, Cookie.

Drinking and headache, are you sure it's the best idea?

Who stole what? give us a name and I'll take care of them right away, shame, shame, shame!

Anyway, I hope the wind will go away soon and take the headache with it so you can drink whenever you feel like it! :)

Have a nice weekend.

I think it's that same wind that's covering my car in yellow pollen flecks - it looks like a Peep wannabe. I can recommend the steroids to to for the headaches, me likey.

Feel better and it's always time to drink girl!

It's noon somewhere dearheart. I'll drink the first to you!! As for the theft? WTF????????? Are you ok? Do you need someone to help you kickass???? I'm available.

Sorry about the headache.

It quite windy here as well. I still think you could have blown on down and had some rum cake with me.

Hoping the headache is gone by now...
I'd be happy to help with the kicking people project - just point me towards the target.

I'll share my Excedrin with you as I've got a killer headache too. I hope yours is gone by now.

ROFL at the prospect of a Cookie "happy happy post." ROFL ROFL ROFL

Made my day.

well just ffs. it was windy as fuck here yesterday too and The Girl and I both were beyond cranky. (and yes, huge headache and going to bed at 8:30)
Theft?!?!?!?!? damnittohell! and.. WTF?
let's just toss in another 'WTF' for Margene, SNOW?!?!!?!? and huh? if one doesn't have an icon of their own....? do I? I don't even know. damnit.
Evidently the cranky has not lightened up much from yesterday to this morning.
hugs, sweetie. 'happy happy post'? hee. xox

Have I ever mentioned that I love you blog? Your attitude? Your ... something? (Now, I'm not completely in love - I seethe in glorious green jealously over your spinning ability.)

I hope Saturday is seeing you pain free! Yay for rebellion and submission, err, fixing of problems. Thanks for the heads up. I'll go visit my dashboard and block away.

Happy Saturday!


Hope your headache goes away soon. The wind makes my migraines go into overdrive too. It sucks. And don't even get me started on all the sneezing! I've given up on kleenex, and just carry a tp roll with me, it's quite a a fashion statement!

Lack of sleep and really hard days at work have left me exhausted and with a headache, too. Maybe we should all go in together on a Costco sized drum of excedrin? Or a giant jug of wine, whichever is cheaper!

My Thursday/Friday sucked too - power outage, sump pump alarm screaming, and bailing water. It got better. Hope your weekend did too.

I hope the headache is gone, even though it IS Monday and a prime day for headaches in my neck of the woods. WIndy here, too. What's with that?


So glad they made a fix for you, and I hope your headache is gone!


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