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Sunday, April 17, 2011


WOW!!!!! I am in love! perfect!

What does "fold and put away" mean? I'm confused!!


39!!! That's a lot of socks.

Emily2 is lovely!

One pair for each year, right?
Damnit, now another shawl to add to my queue

Love it! Love it! Simple pattern where the yarn does all the heavy lifting! And it does it beautifully! :)

It is an exciting life isn't it...I just cleaned the bathroom...

Oh my gosh, that's beautiful! It makes me want to only knit with handspun, too! (Hmmmm... maybe I should actually spin some yarn.)

Absolutely beautiful! I stand in awe of your talent :0)

Beautiful shawl! And well blocked, too!

Lovely shawl. Nice contrast between the extreme pointy laciness of the board and the homespun quality of the yarn.

I love, love, love your shawl!!! So beautiful!!!


Oh, it's beautiful!
I can't believe you had any doubts about it.

Emily2 is stunning. So delicate, yet colorful. You've outdone yourself, girl!!! Oh,and the socks? We should all have the problem of folding 36 pairs of socks to put away;-P

Nice work and the beads are visible, kind of. Note to self: knit with your handspun already.

Wonderful shawl Cookie..Hmm, I have some handspun here...LOL

Beautiful work ... the finished shawl looks like a sunrise.

36 pairs of socks?!? I just counted 18 in my laundry room, and I thought that was a lot!

Gorgeous, as always!

Emily 2 is gorgeous simply because of the color. The beads are an added bit of sight and beauty.
I also put away about 30 pair of handknit socks yesterday. I had hoped it was the last time, but alas, it's raining and could be very cold the next couple of days. Spring has decided to be all wet this year.

Lovely shawl!
Do you hand wash or machine wash and dry your socks? I machine wash but dry on a rack and wonder if that's the best way.

So, so pretty Cookie. I love its color changes, and the delicate points!


It's a lovely easter egg colored shawl! Very pretty! And thanks for the sunshine picture, I AM in Buffalo and it's COLD and going to snow...

Emily2 is stunning, I clicked on the second photo and could make out a few beads (!!!). 39 pairs of socks, eh? I have maybe 12 pair, but then you're you and... yeah, you get the picture ;^)

Beautiful Emily! I do love those colors. Great knitting, Cookie!

I hope you took some pictures of your socks. I do so love the group socks...photos. :D

Your Emily is beautiful beads and all!
I am wearing handknit socks today because it is freezing.

Gorgeous! Now I want some of your handspun to make my own . . . I'll have to see if I have enough pennies to splurge.

Pretty shawl. I love the colors. I spent the weekend helping my younger son move the last of his clothes (the hanging stuff) out of his closet to his new house...and then moving all my husband's stuff into that closet. My husband is, by the way, thrilled to have a closet, as I have always had his hanging stuff in our other son's closet...He too is thrilled to have a closet, because since his move back home in December, he has not had one. And now hopefully he will pick his crap up off the floor and hang it up! Very exciting weekend, even aside from the roof leaking into my bedroom during Saturday's monsoon. That just went beyond exciting.

Holy jeebus, that's gorgeous! Pretty, pretty yarn. How do you think that would look with sweat pants and a t-shirt? Tres chic?

Fan-tas-tic! In your signature colors too... I am sure you will enjoy this one. And, I trust you about the beads. Please don't curse what little sun we are getting this spring.

Very nice! I had a good dose of that orange ball in the sky here today as well. I had to Wikipedia it as it's been so long, but i discovered it is a wonderful thing.

So lovely! (And now I'm off, headed for tasks equally mundane. . .)

That is gorgeous! I have got to get off my doofus and make something!

LOVE!!! Wow! That is soooo pretty!! :D

I know what you mean I did that sock thing a few weeks ago. Nothing like waiting for LOTS of wool to dry.

SS for silence, been sick and busy here:

Awesome!!!! It is totally you! Simple and understated yet elegant and beautiful!


Damn, girl, that shawl is gorgeous! Isn't knitting with handspun a blast?

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