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Monday, April 25, 2011


I was born cranky I think, so I would happily be part of Team Crankypants though my spinning is virtually non-existant.

Obviously, I'm in because I was called out in the blog post. Ahem. But I would still be in. I think. ;^)

I'm cranky far more often than I care to admit so count me in. I promise to have my cranky pants on for the event.

Sure, I'll do it. I got half a pound of Shetland from Yolo Wool Mill for two dollars; that'll be perfect for Bay Area summer spinning.

I'm with you on the "where did this year go and how did it get to be almost May?" I seem to have lost Jan thru April too. Altho I don't think I want those months back to try them again!! o.0

Don't spin so maybe I could just be a friend of Team Crankypants. I'll do my best to be cranky. :D

I shall also designate myself as a "Friend of Team Crankypants".

Congrats on 1300!

I am sure that with everything that I have going on in the next four weeks that I will have my fanciest crankypants on. And my fanciest Cranky too!

Oh, and I AM planning...that's why I mentioned it on Ravelry. FFS

Me. I think I want to do it again, but I have no idea what kind of goal I would set. (Which is fine. Like you said, it's still April.) As for Monday, it's my last Monday of the school year and I am basking in the glory that is the end of the year. (That translated to my trying to pull myself out from under the avalanche that is stress and final presentations, but "glory" sounds better.)

of course but you knew that.

Today, I can't even muster enough energy to be cranky. Congrats on 1300 and on 24,000!!! That was, officially, the end of my energy.

I wouldn't belong to any other team, sweetie! Team CrankyPants 2011!

This team has just the right energy for me and my crankypants. I spin too, but am not very good with commitment. Does that matter?

I'm crankypants friendly! I haven't done tour de fleece before, but perhaps this is the year to start!

I'm a rookie, but I'm game. I'll probably be having another TdF-related KAL, but why not spin as well?

If all goes well, I will see our Peter one week before the Tour and give him enough fiber to spin for the both of us!

Being cranky is my forte so being on a crankypants team but would be just the thing! I'm in; sounds like fun.

I am in Cookie..Not sure what it all means tho as last year during the Tour I wasn't spinning yet. Did not have a spindle or even a thought of a wheel. Hmm, maybe there are rules?

I am definitely cranky enough...I had 2 X 911 calls this weekend that wanted to know what the "non-emergency 911 phone number was?" and another 911 that wanted to know what day garbage pickup was?

It could have gotten ugly...I will spin tho so I don't strangle people..LOL

I'm for realz (yo) in this year- I have a brand new wheel and I'll be learning 1 years worth of Spanish in 6 weeks this summer so I'll totally be cranky. : )

1300? 24,000? May? Holy Crap.

I'll cheer.

Monday? It's Monday? I am so outta here.

Congratulations! 1300! You don't look a day over. Well. Never mind. :)

I have a sadly neglected Ashford traditional that needs some action (don't we all?!)-count me in.

You didn't even have to ask. I'm so in;-P

Delurking...I'd like to join, Plus, I need to get the Minstrel out and start working this stash before the world ends (they've been talking about 12/21/2012 on the mainstream news...geez).

I think I'm more b@#chy than cranky...but I guess I can tone it down a bit (smile). ~ksp

I'm in. Cranky. Spinny. Can do.

Me! Me!

Well you know I want to join, and I will help out in anyway as to take some load off of your shoulders.


/waving hand
Me, too, please!
Hopefully I'll actually get some spinning done during this year's Tour. Last year was a total fail...

I'm in as long as I don't have to spin. I've got cranky to spare...

I don't spin but if the pants fit...
I was also shocked to see that it is almost May. Where the hell did the first four months go?

unlurking to say Count Me In, dammit!

How about if I am an adjunct Crankypants and I knit cranky instead of spin cranky? Will that work?

What are the non-spinners s'posed to do besides stand around looking purty?

what thousandth stone! i'm in... i think. what do i got to do?

You mean the wheel in my living room is good for something besides looking Historically Appropriate?

Is there such a thing as vicarious spinning?

My daughter refers to her boyfriend as "Mr. CrankyPants" from time to time (like. . .when he's cranky). I don't think she even knows about your blog.

I'll cheer from the sidelines. Go, Team. Go!

wtf? it's Monday? nooooo. just me, late as usual. and I'm an epic fail when it comes to 'plays well with others' and why? you might ask? because I'm just a COB which can stand for 'crusty' OR 'cranky' old bitch. sigh. wishing I could stand around "looking' purty" ( that tickled me). xox

Nearly May you say? Are you sure? Crap!

Following rules isn't something I usually do while spinning -- probably because haven't bothered to learn them -- but, I'm good at cranky so let's hit it.

I posted a post in the Crankypants forum. That is currently the limit of my ability to commit (unless someone helps me out and has me committed directly)...

After the virtual marathon I've been running I think I can handle any others. Yes, I'm still on the marathon, panting, gasping "where's the finish line already?"

Imagine being in a medicated coma for 6 weeks. Talk about time flying by.

I love to be on team Crankypants. For I am very cranky at times.

I am an expert cranky but no spinner, so what will my role be if I join? :)

Oh and congratulations on those very impressive numbers!

And didn't I explain to you what makes time disappear so fast recently?!?

That's a lot of posts! Congrats!

I used to call my son cranky pants when he was little and having a bad day. Now it's probably me. :)

*hangs head*

I can't spin. But I'm thinking about getting a spindle at MDS&W!

Woot! That's a lot of writing, our Cookie, and I love it.

I'll be there, you know, for the Team, one way or another.

Congrats on 10000! I will probably pass on Team Crankypants this year due to ongoing personal crapola (read: no time) but I'll be with you in spirit!

Those are some amazing milestones, Cookie!

Yep, I'm going to check my packing list and get ready for camp. As I am staying continually confused about times and dates this year, I was not quite sure whether to be confused or not on this announcement. Thank you for your time and effort organizing the team, and thank you for including me.


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