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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Oh, the gorgeous color! It's gaw-juss.

I bet her ratings have tanked! The color of that yarn is fantastic.

Gorgeous!! Are you petting it since you can't knit with it ;-)

Ouch. (But I think the kid would have forgiven her and gone. Not so sure it's about him anymore, alas.) In any case, I hope he's happy and healed, and can't be bothered to think about what's her face anymore.
Pretty yarn!

Lovely yarn. Will you be able to wait until 2012 to cast on?
I'm glad the kid said no. It's not supposed to be all about her. By the way, thanks for passing this news along. I missed TMZ.


The color looks fantabulous and the mix can be good for your area but, I believe there's gonna be spring and summer after 2011 too! :)

Yeah, I'd pass too, knowing how much she must have been pressured to say yes. Ugh.

Lovely yarn! I too love the color. It looks soft!

Sounds like the network was trying to do some damage control. While I'm glad the kid said no, I hope s/he is doing better and got a wish granted that was equally good.

So, people are trying to rig the pool by sending you gorgeous yarn?
2012 is only 9 months away. You can ignore stuff longer than that...

That yarn is really lovely! How can you resist its charms?

Really? That awful woman is still around? I'm so glad the little one turned her down. What a b*tch. Love your gorgeous 2012 yarn. I'll bet if you wait and show this picture on January 1,2 012, I will not remember it and exclaim how very good you were;-D

Love that color. So pretty.

Never watched that show, and never will. hence - cancelled at my house!! :D

Lovely yarn! Looks like someone is trying to get you to knit with non-handspun yarn!! ;)

She's a piece that one...glad the little guy turned her down. Apparently she doesn't have a heart. Umm, that would make her a grinch!

I didn't want to miss the opportunity of getting you some of that pinkness because there's no telling if it'll still be there next year. And if I'd held onto it for that long there's no guarantee I'd ever remember to send it.

I'm glad to hear the kid said no.

That color is a killer! Wow! Gorgeous, just drop dead gorgeous.

Pretty! You'll have all of the rest of the year to admire and pet it.

You know, I don't know. Maybe her people really didn't tell her about the request. Maybe once she found out about it, she thought (or Food Network thought) it would be a good idea to have a cook out where the boy could meet lots of FN stars? I agree it all sounds really bad, but maybe it's not as bad as it sounds... I mean, TMZ wouldn't get much attention if it was a simple misunderstanding.

I'm such a doof - I forgot you were only knitting handspun this year! Be strong!

Oh, that color!!! I might have to break my yarn fast and go get me some of that gorgeousness. Oh, and as to that nasty piece of work...I have never liked her and have forbidden my family to put her show on ever after this crap.

Oooh! It's so very pretty! I have been looking at yarn similar to that. I received a color card and some catalogs for weaving, but saw the idea of using it for lace knitting, and have been studying the color card ever since.


AKA gorgeous more like! Lucky girl, you do inspire devotion of the fibery kind.

Aww. She can't fit in a poor sick baby? Is she inundated with that kind of request? I kind of doubt it.

PRETTIES! So way should that wait until 2012. That's the year the world ENDS.

No way. NO way. Not "so" way. Gah.

WoWzers on your pretty new yarn! :^)

I'm betting that little boy will have a much better, mo wonderful experience with the dolphins..
and ffs, did you happen to read any of the comments?!?!?!?

Pretty yarnz!

What a horrible way to act. I hope the little guy has a super experience with some really good people.

I'm glad he told her no! I don't like watching her show - she has the typical elitist 'tude that we deal with up here all the time and it drives me NUTS.

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