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Monday, March 21, 2011


That has been the forcast up here for a month now! March is all about rain with occasional cloudy-threatening-rain breaks apparently. Where's this spring sunshine people talk about?

Supposed to rain here. So far just clouds and wind.

Here in Boston the first full day of spring brings us snow. Mother Nature has a hell of a sense of humor.

Interesting. Our forecast doesn't look too different from yours. Temps in the 50's, but substitute rain-mixed-with-snow for rain.

Today we had a "wintery mix", which saw me brushing snow off my car THREE TIMES. Good times.

We are going to have spring weather ND style...up to a foot of snow forecast for Tues & Wed.

I was button shopping today (Joanns) with no luck. They had 6 buttons I liked. I need 8. And they won't order more until those are gone. I might turn to online shopping too. Happy bead shopping to you!

Sounds like our typical spring. Though not the 57 that's like summer. :)
Why are you doing E2 and not ED? Is it because it is top down?

We've had it all today, too! Here i thought March would be, at least in part, a lovely month! effing' mother nature.

We had freaking snow today. Yuck!

Spring, ah spring. Nothin' like it. . .

Is it OK I don't have any clue what your No.1 is?!? - I suspect not,,,

Here they promised rain, we had mainly cloudy and windy with short visits of the sun.

we had rain today, so it IS the end of the world!

Your weather actually looks a lot like ours this week!


Yup. We're getting what you have toward the end of the week. Yay, beads!!!!!!

I know you are a knitter, but 'Fiber Company' for cupcake? Come on! :)

The weather is kind of lousy here, too. We were woken by thunder at 5am today. Not cool when I'm not working.

Hail sucks. We just got another dump of snow yesterday, even though the day before we could finally see half of the lawn. I'm looking forward to some green leaves.

Duck if you see locusts.

How did the bead shopping go? Emily 2 looks lovely...what color will you be knitting it with?

Hail? Yikes!

We had rain on Monday night.

We had hail in the middle of the night. The upside is that it knocked many of the pollen doodads out of the trees.

I could totally be swatching for Emily 2. I really ought to see if my two yarn hopefuls are going to work. Thanks for reminding me of the swatchings!


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