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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


peachy or orangy? I like it thought I think. What colorway is it?

You wanna spin for money??? Hmmmm... damn I got fiber.

It's "The Birds"!!!!!!

One lovely ounce will probably produce 2000 yds, knowing you. The bfl/silk sounds like heaven!!

Yes, links and gossip, please. I don't get much excitement over this way...


What Nora said, plus the singles are gorgeous!

Links and gossip? Oh yes please!

Links and gossip would be fun!
I thought for sure you were going to say that the birds were trying to get your singles. It is next building season after all.

Lovely yarn! BFL is wonderful so BFL silk must be extra wonderful...

"The Birds" movie must have really made an impression on me...all it takes is a few birds in a tree to make me think of it! o.0

You'll be plying for days and come up with some ridiculous yardage, because you suck, you know.

Mmmm, bfl/silk, makes my heart go flutter. What I wouldn't give for a day just to sit and spin, or even ply. I'm not fussy at this point.

Love birds. LOVE them.

Take my meds. *head smack* I knew I forgetting something. *grin*

Forgetting meds, whoring in public,,, sounds very intriguing!

Oh those singles, how true is the color issue, ignore that will ask the proper person :)

We think you can make a small fortune but who asks us, right?

The color looks perfect from here!

The babysitter let me watch The Birds when I was 5 - it took me 40 years to get over.


One more vote for links and gossip! We need all the entertainment we can get.

I've been doing my very best to not buy any more fiber until I at least finish some of what I've got and you are making it very difficult.

Links & gossip sounds like fun...


Birds like that always freak me out a little!

The internet: for when being crazy in private just isn't enough!

so they quoth nevermore and whatnot.

Some colors -- many colors, in fact -- are nearly impossible to capture accurately with a camera. That lacy stuff sure looks purdy...

ooh, linky, linky. Do eet! I'm never in the loop, wah..

Production spinning indeed! Love the pink color- I see a lovely shawl in the future. Any plans for the pattern? Nupps would look great in pink...

Ooooo, links and gossip, please. You know how we all love to gaze at the carnage...

What's the plan for that pretty laceweight? Another of those Nibbles patterns?

Where are you finding all this online drama? I'm missing out!

Oh - I like that a lot! Blackbirds... waiting for the pie crust? :D

.. a lil gossip wouldn't be bad.... I vote for the links and whoring gossip please... chortle :D

My guesses........raking leaves. Collecting butterflies. Robbing a bank? Oh, I give up.

Oh, THAT!! who could have guessed? Sheesh.

Whoring for attn? why do I always want to know about this kind of thing? (Yeah, I know. Terminally nosy.)

That is a fabulous picture.

Very nice singles.

Mmmmm...more pretties for which I must save my pennies.

I hope the headache is gone.


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