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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Wow. I know nothing about Ina Garten beyond her cookbooks, which are pretty good. I tried watching her show a couple of times and she annoyed the crap out of me. Seriously, does she not get that she wouldn't be where she is without her fans? How could she say no to something so simple???

You shouldn't let assholes annoy you like this girl! Unfortunately our world is full of them so we must save ourselves.

And now the kid is the winner he will get to go to Arizona and eat in a real good restaurant (or so I have read)and have another chef visit him at home and cook with him - I think he is much better off than meeting with that cow!

Excuse my language pretty please :) and if you think it will really help bitching at her just let me know where and I'll do it on the spot!

Oh and I forgot to say: it is not nice to call such a lovely cousin a fake - family members we choose are the best, don't you agree? (in most cases and when sex is not involved!)

Well I guess her cookbooks are off my Amazon wish list.

What a complete asshat!!

Wow, that is terrible. I can see not in the middle of a book tour- where schedules are set in advance- but he even waited for her. I hope he got a bunch of other great cook volunteers instead.

emails written, facebooking shortly. I hope it eats at her.

She couldn't spare a few hours of her precious life? What I know about her is that Martha Stewart, yes I like her, had IG on her old show several times. I caught Ig's show one time and could not stand it.
TMZ - love the trashiness!

and at some point I'm going to find out where that MacMillan dude cooks and I'm going to his restaurant to tell him HECK YEAH.

It's such a simple wish. I'm sure the boy will have a great time with the other chef but it won't be his wish. IG will regret saying no one day.

I read she was an ass and this is pretty much her normal attitude. I was on a website where they just rip on the food network, it's pretty awesome. Oh, I found it: foodnetworkhumor.com. I think you might like it, if you don't already know about it.

Oh, my. I've always been a fan of her cookbooks (have never watched her show and know nothing about her aside from the books), but. . . man. That is just. . . unbelievable! I mean, how flattering would it be to be asked to make a child's WISH come true???? She had an opportunity to make a little boy's WISH COME TRUE and she said NO. How can she sleep at night?

Well I think we've found the exception to the notion that any publicity is good publicity.


I love you. What a great post.

Wow. I've never understood the attraction to her - her TV demeanor is so superior and "my life is better than yours." Feh. I hope something bad happens to her now. Karma is a bitch.


You'd think one of her publicity people would have pointed out to her how bad it would make her look to turn the little fella down...

I have a sad feeling that Ms. Garten has never been reality based and is only concerned with herself. She has all the warmth of a rattler when I have seen her and since reading your post I am not even slightly surprised. In the end, it might be better for that little one to never meet her. But, I feel very very sorry for Ms. Garten. How empty she must be.

I always figured she was a little full of herself. You're the best.

People suck. Some more than others. She is obviously at the top (or bottom depending on how you look at it) of the list.

I've seen her show...she seems pretty in love with herself. Now I know better than to ever watch her again!

Thanks for letting us know she is a creep!

Apparently, she is just too busy being fabulous to give a shit about her fans. Won't be tuning in to her show anytime soon.

I just cannot even begin to wrap my mind around this.

Yeah, definitely keeping away from those comments.


That completely changes my opinion of her (not that it was well-formed in the first place).

Wow. But Iron Chef Symon can cook me breakfast anytime is all I'm sayin.........

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