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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Ya know, for someone who never has much to talk about you sure have alot going on. I'm sorry you're soggy. There must be alot of us sopping wet. Cool pic from Joan's fancy phone. Spinning is wonderful. Knitting can be if it's what you want to do. Hugs from here. Hope your dryer holds out!

I would say come here and dry out, but we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow! And it was in the 70s yesterday. WAAAAAAAAH!

Love the photo, it looked even worse here yesterday but today the sun is shining, you want to come dry here? the lake is an amazing blue right now, but it is cold here, be warned :)

Hope you dry out soon. Soggy pants are not fun.

Glad you haven't been blown away. No dry pants? I can kind of relate. I've got 2 pairs of soggy (and now also muddy) snow pants coming home from school each day and I'm not washing them each time. It's mud-snow season.

That wet, eh? It tried to rain here earlier today, but at the moment we have a tiny bit of blue. Yesterday was beautiful, but so short lived! At least I don't live near Buffalo.

The photo was taken at Niawanda Park on the eastern bank of the Niagara River. Buffalo is a few miles south and Niagara Falls about 7 miles north. Just a little bit to the right is where the Erie Canal meets the river.

Most of the snow melted today because we had sunshine.


Lovely photo.
Now we can call you "Soggy pants"?

sorry for your sog.... snow and cold here. Spring break starts here tomorrow. Get to wash the snow pants... Life here suxs LOL


What, comcast isn't working? *totally shocked*

Pretty picture, though. Makes me happy for the hour of not terrible spring weather today.

Very cool pic!

Sorry to hear about the soggy weather/pants.

Babies tend to make worriers more, umm, worrisome? nevermind...

We're back to about 20 degrees here. At least a tornado would mean the weather was warm.


We're alternating between cold snowy days and warm melty days. Schizophrenic weather that creates hope and then dashes it. Not to mention the mud slushies...

It's cold again here, boooooo. Is it still raining where you are? When will it stop?????

Who pissed Mother Nature off? She's really getting even with everyone.
Comcast admit anything? Good luck!

LOL! Girl needs some extra pants! :D

Looks like Western NY in March. I almost miss it.

Our rain will start tomorrow and continue for about a week, they say. I plan to hibernate as much as possible this weekend, which includes SPINNING! You and I, we are alike. :o)

Hate Comcast. They never listened. At least I've moved to a small town where the little local telephone provides all our communication services. I can actually talk to the president of the company of I want.

Anywho, can't wait to see what you are spinning.

Hope Joan and her family are doing ok?

Nice Joan-fancy-phone photo. Tornado? Yikes!

Shorts would stay dry? /ducks....just look out for toe-webbing in your wet weather. :D

Do we know what baby you're talking about? I have vague memories but it could be the other voices. They just won't shut up.
Send me your rain but keep your moron weatherpeople. Actually, you can send them here too - I have no tv on which to watch them.

The good thing about being out of dry pants is that then you don't have to leave the house.


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