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Monday, March 28, 2011


I agree about Ms. Garten. Nasty business, she is. I cannot believe candy could rip a sturdy business envelope like that, but ok. If that's what you say happened, I believe you. That is the sun, I think, and I'm so very happy that you are seeing it once again. Now, all you need is several (many) days to start drying it out.


Why in the world would someone make you wait a year to open a gift????

Since you know what's inside do you really need to wait?

I wrote to Food Network based on your posting and added it to my Twitter (yes, I'm a Twit) and one of the Rav boards. I'm still not going to watch or read or buy anything with her.

Destructive candy? Who knew.

That was some naughty candy. I'm sure you knew just how to take care of it:)
I just read about the boy getting his wish. I hope she goes overboard giving him the day (or weekend) of his dreams. Just as long as he's happy. Karma has plans for her.

I still think she's a skuzbucket.

You're not going to open it?? Really?? I'm so much of a kid that I couldn't wait that long! :D Life is too short!

We've got the giant glowing orb here too finally. Yay for you and us!

That orb is everywhere it seems. Even saw some blue sky today; it made for a great run outside.

For a minute I was so confused why you couldn't open it until 2012! Then the handspun challenge came rolling back. I'll be very interested in the big reveal!

still won't buy her cookbooks, not even look at them at B&N. Final answer.

That package is pretty jive.


I think it falls a little flat that she had bad publicity and THEN changed her mind. If that little boy is happy, though, that's good enough for me. You better not open that package, the temptation might be too much for you. In fact, maybe you should send it to me for safekeeping. Yeah, that's it. Safekeeping.

I saw some big yellow ball out in the big blue room, but I was smart and kept me and my migraine inside.

Don't blame the candy, blame the sender who was determined to fit everything into a box that was too small.

I think you should open it and make that pink lovely a pet just like my Fluffy until you can knit it. You don't really think, seeing/touching it will break you, right?

It's a pity the boy is probably too young and eager to tell her to go fuck herself! and choose the lovely offer of the elements chef.

You are strong, Cookie. Very strong. And I think Ina is really stupid. But I'm glad she's going to make a little boy's wish come true. (Better late than never. . .)

she is either a bad liar or a bad selector of PR firms. in any case, they'll take the rap for her.
I want to know about the pink thing!

Maybe you can get some more candy to make the rip larger?

I thought the proper punishment for destructive candy was consumption?

"That package is pretty jive."
She gets me every time :^D

You peeked. I would. Delayed gratification is not a strong point of mine. Anyone that wants to help me practice can send me a gift with a 2012 open date and I'll try to wait. I really will.

The woman is an ass with no compassion. Truly.

As for that bag.... don't open it at the top, just take the stuff out the bottom. LOL :D

The candy just wanted to be free, yo. Free to worship the giant glowing orb in the sky that summoned it from the depths of....

Ahem. Guess I've been watching too many episodes of Buffy. Or Angel. Or something. ;^)

There's more to the story. Enzo's family blew off la miss too big for her own shoes as the little guy has moved on to another wish. Good for them.

Whatever is in that bag looks like your color. I know you felt up that bag to get at the candy! lol!

Perhaps it was a conspiracy between the candy and the beautiful yarn wanting to see the bright orb before 2012?


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