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Friday, February 18, 2011


Such a lovely green goodness!

Tell the headache it must go away before the weekend is in and it's in soon in my book (sunset) or I'll come chase it away! :)

I hope you will have a wonderful long weekend too.

You don't always get even yardage on the bobbins? Obviously you suck.

The scarf looked normal even without those gorgeous batts!

The bobbins look fairly even to me...

There are bigwigs who do get exactly the same amount on each bobbin. I am not a bigwig. Love the pretty greeniness of your yarn, but that scarf is still a little, um, odd.

Wonderful fluff and yarn....I love that shade of green! So spring-y.

You are sending that scarf back to Norma right?

Hope you get over the headache, quick!

Nice to know there's green somewhere in the world!

Hope your headache makes itself scarce soon.

I'm sorry you've got a headache. Blech.

Thank You! xoxo

That is a really cool shade of green. What gauge of yarn are you going to end up with? A million yards of laceweight, no doubt :)

Even yardage on the bobbins. That happens? Like, ever? Huh.

um. I went back a few posts and still can't figure out why they're pandas.

Not long in these here parts, but thanks. I love the singles. So very pretty. Happy Friday, Sweetie!!

That is one tasty shade of green my sweet. Even yardage is a mythical beast sent by the debil himself to torture us. Seriously!

What nummy Panda-cakes..and singles on da bobbins. what is that colour, name?
No.. not a long weekend, schools are open due to so many snow days (otherwise they'd be still in school all through June).
Happy Weekend!

Is it because there is some bamboo? Lovely green, both ways. The scarf reminds me of a vintage something. Nice but vintage-y.

I hope you are feeling better and if not, feel better soon.


What else are you really good at?? *grin*

Sorry, I seem to have a one-track mind at the moment...

Even yardage on bobbins? This is something to shoot for? I had no idea...

The Friday Stress Headache. Wine. Knitting. A little movie or something. Hope you're feeling better.

So I googled Panda fiber and got some scientific junk and then I googled Panda cake fibers and got some cakes to bake that look like Pandas, all black and white and cute, so which one are we talking about here? I hope it's the cake to eat because I didn't understand the scientific junk.

I don't know how it got to be Monday, but I hope your headache is gone. That sooothing green should help! Very pretty!

Sooo pretty!! I can't wait to see the finished yarn. :D

Hope you had a headache free weekend.

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