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Monday, February 21, 2011


Hooray for sexy fire fighters! Now that' I'm working with the state police, I've got my eye out!

I hope your week is as enjoyable as it can be!

Jeff maybe likes being the only pretty thing on the show...

Cable and satellite tv are basically a rip off. We have satellite tho cuz DH is addicted.

Let's hear it for the sexy fire fighters!!

Our firefighers here get it. They send out the pretty ones, or at least the funny ones in the summer to fill the boot.

Comcast is angerfying in so many ways. Our DVR just randomly decides when it doesn't feel like recording things (for weeks on end). I should have known better, it was made by Motorola, who couldn't even make a good cell phone. I miss you, Tivo. You were happy (literally, the box always smiles) and worked correctly all the time.

I love BBC America. I watch so much of it at times that my brain develops an English accent.

Ah, sometimes I am reassured that deciding not to watch TV anymore was the right decision.

And hey, fat firefighters need love too. Confused firefighters are a bit more of a concern, but as long as he can handle his hose (ahem) I've got no complaints. :)

I have no comment on the TV stuff, because I don't have cable or satellite, and don't watch TV.

But I'll definitely put in my vote for sexy firefighters. I'd throw money for that.

I think you should really send them all! :)

Next time I need a complaint letter, I gonna have you draft it. Excellent!

Just found LOADS of Brit shows on Netflix streaming. Just sayin'.

We cancelled our cable a few months ago. Don't miss it at all. I can watch TV shows on hulu and I don't have to flip through all the drivel that's on.

There are also loads of Brit shows on YouTube. Maybe satellite can win your heart?

I have to say, the firefighter letter is the best one. And so so true!

You'd think people who end up on Survivor would know enough to wear attractive underwear.

All points well spoken, but no BBC America? I would die. Simply and purely die!!! I sure hope they come to their senses out there in Comcast land. Middle Earth has no Comcast. We have DirecTV and BBC America (thankfully!!!!!). Hugs, Sweetie!!

Oh boy. Can I send you something? Brownies? Ice cream? Booze? :)

Comcast is pissing me off lately too, but I have no other option really. Unless I want to cut out TV entirely. That's just crazy talk!

Here's hoping your week gets better.

Oh my goodness, I needed that laugh.

My family finally ditched cable when we realized the only show we were watching regularly was Myth Busters. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE Myth Busters, but that's a helluva a lot of money to spend each month for just one show. Now we just wait can catch them (and other nice shows) on Netflix.

Thanks I really needed a laugh and a smile.

I miss Direct Tv. Unfortunately, Cox basic is what we have now and that stinks. My local channels are all fuzzy.

All the firefighters I have seen down here have all been pretty skinny, young and buff. I had ten of them in my living room last week.

Cookie, I think I love you a little. Thanks for the snarkfest.

....chortle.... :D

OH, I love me some Cookie rants, even if they are of the lite variety.

I love when you're in letter writing mode! 8)

You are so right on all. How about a sexy firefighter on Survivor?
I did have to turn my TV on and check for my BBC America on demand. I have the soul (and wallet) sucking Comcast too and I still have my BBC America on demand. I hope you get yours back!

Dear Cookie
PUH-lease mark yer posts as Coffee Friendly/non-Coffee Friendly. Thank yew very much.
Washing the Screen Once Again

Dear Cookie
On second thought, don't bother: will simply assume that yer posts are all n-CF and will adjust my own behaviour (for once)
Pouring Another Cup

I'm contemplating a license plate holder that reads: Kiss My Ass Comcast.

OMG! I love you, you are soooo weird! In a good way. :D

This makes me feel better about not paying for TV. Though I really really really want to watch the walking dead show.

I've not seen survivor in many years. I'm thinking it's for the best. Also he's your age isn't he? (or older even?) Not a cougar issue. ;)

They sent the sexy firefighters to the big fundraisers. On the streets, the bar is lower.


No they didn't! Darn Comcast/AT&T/Astound etc. Hard enough to find good programs without them getting cancelled, shuffled or taken off demand. So annoying.

Firefighters. /sigh. for at least the pretty ones. /just thinking back to my single days......when I had a major crush on the CPR instructor......

549 channels and nothin's on.


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