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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Love your pecker. o.O
Can't tell the photos are taken through a window, so they can't be all that bad.

Mid week ennui. Nice photos though.

Excellent photos...I think you've just found what kind of pictures your camera is the best at taking...pecker pics! (I couldn't resist following Cheryl's lead.)

The saddest thing I ever did see
Was a woodpecker peckin’ at a plastic tree.
He looks at me, and “Friend,” says he,
“Things ain’t as sweet as they used to be.”

- Shel Silverstein

Love the Silverstein poem! That's all I did last week - ply. All. Week. My wrist doth object!

Bird photos are officially NOT nothing.


Lovely photos and a great looking pecker. You should have seen the photo of one of them trying to feed from our hummingbird's feeder in Arizona, I need to look it up!

That's one of my top four favorite woodpeckers!

Plying? I'm hoping to ply next week. House showings are putting a crimp in my plans to finish spinning my cupcakes this week - but that's a good thing, I think.

Red headed birds! Yay! (And that's not Brit slang)...

Downy! Not nothing at all!

I couldn't tell it was through a dirty window.

Then again, I always see blurry. *grin*

Nice pecker.

Those are such pretty shots. Good luck on the plying, Sweetie!!!!

So springy and hopeful to see colorful birds and moss! Thank you!


Nuttall's Woodpecker?


Awesome California woodpecker shots!

Never give an excuse for a dirty window. You really do have better things to do than clean windows. Love the bird shots! :-)

Isn't *nothing* better than drama? /ducks and runs

Seriously love Cheryl.

Darn nice woodpecker photos!

My cats make some serious noises at woodpeckers through the window. I haven't figured that out what they're saying.

I'll ply away, oh Glory, I'll ply away...
(Sorry. I'll stop singing now.)


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