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Sunday, February 27, 2011


I've only sat down to intentionally spin sock yarn once (most of my spinning is "hey, I wonder what this will look like!") and I have yet to actually knit with it, so I'm not even sure how I did. Hmm...I'm between projects at the moment. Maybe the handspun should be next?

I'm smiling and nodding.
And oohing and ahhing over the pretty yarnage.

I vote for the passive aggressive egg salad.

All of the above.

Since I don't spin...I'm nodding and smiling! :) You sure make pretty stuff tho...

I'm hearing you on the gas prices. We just filled both of the huge diesel and gas tanks at the farm. They are hoping it's enough to last through springs work. I don't even want to think about that bill. Uff.

I like, "Then We Had a Tornado." You didn't really have one nearby, did you? I know you had some crazy weather out that way.

I think the station on the corner has gas at $3.57. Not happy at all.

I'll take the passive aggressive egg salad for $100, Alex. Smiling and nodding from this non-spinner, too.

My mother is suddenly famous.

Love the yarnz!


Darn gas prices... I was pretty happy I filled up on Thursday. Too bad I'll have to do it again at some point this week... (sigh)

Wouldn't it be nice if certain fibers carried a warning label for noobs? Bamboo is definitely NOT for beginners unless they have the patience to go really slow and learn how to draft it. That being said, perhaps it is good for beginners! ;)

I've decided that I'd rather end up with too thick then too thin when spinning sock yarn. Fuzzy is good -- it makes for cozy socks. ;-)

3.81 this morning. Why? Why?

I like "How Do I Opt Out of My Life" and also would like to know.

Pretty yarn! (Yes. Nodding and smiling. So far. I have all the stuff I need to learn......it's the learning that's stumping me.)

Happy Sunday, Happy Oscar Day! I spun 12 oz from Thurs - Sun. Yay me!

Great yarn pr0n! Maybe I'll get the wheel out this weekend. Or just knit up some of the skeins I made a couple weekends ago! Although the one I really want to knit with needs a careful soaking to keep it's color, as the dyer decided not to set the deep, dark reds. Augh! I hate bleeding yarn.

All the titles are intriguing;-P I love the pink and the pink/green and the Panda is lovely. Maybe not as much yardage as you wanted, but next Panda will be better. It's all good, hunny. And, gas? I am so grateful my new job is 6 minutes from home!!!

My choice: This is the culture we've grown

The pinks are good enough to eat and this yardage from 4 ounces is amazing.

I LOVE the green yarn and it looks to me like this is exactly what it wants to be!

Gas prices - FEH!!!
Maybe we should go out to the streets like in the Middle East? or isn't it time for that yet?

I need to know about the egg salad.
The green is perfect. Slightly heavy fingering is perfect.

Ugh, so jealous! Why did my gas light not turn on until *today*! I love the new sock yarn, btw. The only upside to not having the wheel I so desire is that I'd be tempted to buy some of that fluff.

Shut up! The green is AWESOME!!!

Hmmm...I am not really a spinner yet, not sure what you mean by "not crazy fast to spin?" I will not my head for now, as I have some of this fiber and now I am nervous.

I am at work looking at the guys I work with...and yup..."this is the culture we've grown"

Ps; Gas is over $4 a gallon here...about $56 by the time you do the conversion. Its costing me so much to drive to work I am looking at going part time or retiring.

Smiling, nodding, thinking egg salad sounds good.


How do I opt out of my life?

You totally suck, but that yarn is just fabulous.

I know what you mean about being disappointed with the yardage.

Gas is $3.19 right across the street from me.

Egg salad.

Um, holy crap, 1141 yards! That's awesome.

Since you're disappointed in the Panda result I suppose you'll just have to try again, no?

Your beautiful yarn helps alleviate the need to opt out.

Wonderful spinning notes on the Cupcake Fibers.


I want to hear about the egg salad...

Then we had a tornado. Because why not?

Once again you made pretty yarn.

Aw - I'm so happy to be "Our Elizabeth"! I often feel that I've failed the fiber, and it's always when I'm spinning to be spinning and not paying attention.

jeeze louise, the yarns, all gorgeous and the Panda? seriously outstanding!
I like all those titles, just trot them all out in a running title :^)

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