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Friday, February 25, 2011


Personally, I think your yarn names are awesome. Joan should let you name all the batts.

Fluffy is adorable!

Fluffy is beyond gorgeous. The color! Oh my the color! Joan is a color genius and you are a spinning genius.

Yeah. Spinning a 3ply that looks like commercially spun yarn means you suck. Totally. Stop with the self-deprecation, Cookie. Humility clashes with your skin tone. /ducks for cover

It's a lovely green but I am greedy and want yardage info. Now! Oh and the sock looks great.

I'm holding off on plying my cupcakes so I can make the 2 sets of 3 plies as similar as possible. I've already got a couple of darker ones & a couple of lighter ones. Can't wait to finish.

Great job with the niagra colorway. Still totally in love with the steel colorway, but the spring green almost screams lace shawl to me. Or is that just my lace mojo that I have lost for the last few months?

Those socks are crazy-awesome! I need my sock mojo back!

Your spinning is perfection - lovely. When I am knitting socks for an unspecified person I use the "half" measurement. I fold the sock in half at the heel short rows and make the cuff long enough to reach the toes. Can you picture that? If not, I can send a pic.

You spin the best yarn! Both Fluffy and Bamboo Sprout are stunning.
I think the sock will tell you when it is long enough. It's lovely too.

Fluff is wonderful, my favorite colour..And Bamboo Sprout are what we need here...a little bit of Spring.

I don't know what you are talking about but that Sprouty Green looks great. I am loving those socks.

I'm trying not to point out how you spread so much happiness...

Beyootifull sock. Great yarn. You so do NOT suck!!!

I always read that a good rule of toe (har) for a sock was to make the cuff the same length as the foot. It's super pretty.
Whatcha doin' with the green?

I love the yarn. I love the sock. I love it all.

Blushing here - thank you girl :)

I am with Anne re: humility, clashes etc. but as a brave ex. soldier I am not running for cover!

If you are serious about the sock length it looks to me like 8 repeats will do it but if you give me measurements (sock size and length of repeat) I can check Joe's socks and let you know.

I love the sock yarn, its color and that gorgeous looking young beauty you just finished making - it looks truly smashing!

Fluffy is very proud of his brothers :)

Have a lovely weekend.

The yarns...both the green and the teal...are gorgeous! And the socks are looking good too. You do such good work! And Joan's not bad either. ;)

What sock are you knitting? I loves me some cables. And the Niagra yarn? Gorgeous!

That's a gorgeous 3 way, and the sock is quite handsome. Adding my two cents that cuff as long as the foot is about right. I knit my socks cuff down but they seem to turn out that long, too. Go figure.

Holy Moly that's GORGEOUS sprouty yarn!!! and ditto on the socks, oy, the mansocks, they like having length on the legs :^)
so you had a torn-a-doooo? (my pet name for tornado) xox

So gorgeous, all of it! :-)

Great yarn. I spoke to my husband about his socks he said from the finished heel he likes his about 6 inches. (He also said 4 inches is to short and 8 is too long. He's 5'10") Hope this helps with the sock knitting.

Yeah, what Anne said. Stop with the self-deprecating b/c it is a total lie -- you are awesome!

If I buy some sock blockers will my socks be as good as yours? Love the cable up the side. And Fluffy is such a gorgeous color!

Your instincts tell you other things?

Love the cabling in the sock.

Love those socks.

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