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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Oh my!!

Oh Dear! I'm sunk

I think I need to be strong and avoid linking. I must. I must. I must. I must.......

So cool! Also, happy birthday.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

You had me wanting to spin sock yarn the other day with your post. Now I know where to buy it.
Very tricky ploy ;-)

Happy birthday Cookie!!

Does this mean I'll have to learn to spin?

First off...Happy Birthday! (again)

This so cool. The packaging is adorable! The colors are super!

I joined the Rav group and I'm going to put the blog in my Google Reader asap.

Now we know why you talked about being on the phone with Joan so much... :)

Happy birthday, my friend (this time, on the right day) and congratulations on this wonderful new venture! It's a fantastic idea, beautifully executed!


Happy Birthday!

Happy Happy HAPPY!!!!! Birthday, Cookie and ZOMG!!!!!!!! seriously, whatever will you and Joan not get up to? I am loving those cupcakes!!!!!

LMAO - you two together are a scary, scary force. I fear if ever you are in the same state.
Happy birthday,yo.

Happy Birthday, sweetie! Until now, I didn't know I wanted to spin yarn for socks but I do now. The two of you are such enablers.

Happy birthday!!! Gee, just what you wanted, more fluff to spin!! ;-)

Wow, do you know how to celebrate your birthday in style! Happy happy and all that.

Happy Birthday! I love the new fiber venture, especially the packaging (probably because I love cupcakes!) Great colors, too. LOVE IT!

Happy birthday!! Someone saved me from myself with the new venture though- have to check in again next weekend. What a fantastic idea! It's my spinning goal this year to actually spin sock yarn.

While I have no idea what you are talking about in this post, I wanted to stop by and say Happy Birthday. :)

Hope you have a great one!

Happy, Happy Birthday!!

wow! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!
I suppose now I have to learn to spin;)

Ahem, I'm back.... Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday, dear Cookie! :-)

Happy birthday, babe!

Happy Birthday! And thanks for helping Joan to cook up additional temptation for me.

That's the fiber company you were telling me about. They look like a very nice company, very unique and fun!
Happy Birthday to you, dear Cookie!!! My world is a better place with you in it. You are a very sweet friend. Thank you! May your day, and the year ahead be fabulous!

Happy Birthday again! :)

What an awesome idea and a great way to celebrate your birthday. Happy Happy!


Happy Birthday!

Yay! (and yay again - I got the teal fiber :) ) And Happy Birthday!


Congratulations! And happy birthday, too.

hope you had a pleasant birthday with lots of cake

Happy Birthday, Cookie! Good luck on your latest adventure!

Happy birthday Cookie. Lovely enterprise.

Happy, happy birthday and congratulations!

Happy Birthday! Your new venture is quite gorgeous, and beautifully presented - congratulations!

Happy Belated Birthday,dear Cookie, Happy Birthday to you!!

You guys are brilliant. I'm looking forward to using your batts.

Happy Birthday!

Love the cupcake presentation. I think her two-days-a-week projection won't be enough, though, given the perfectness of the product. (She'll soon hit the point where she has to give up sleep to stay caught up...)

Happy (Belated) Birthday and best wishes for success in the fiber venture. Your packaging is brilliant and adorable.

Happy Belated Birthday, you wicked woman! I do not want to learn to spin, I do Not want to learn to spin, I do NOT want to learn to spin!! Arrrgggg!

Happy Birthday :) those batts look like soooo much fun

Hope that you had a Happy Birthday Cookie, I missed it as we were travelling. We left 76deg F to come back here to -31F...just shoot me in the head. I have to knit faster so that I have enough to keep me warm.

Love the fiber and will order from Joan as soon as I can..

Hope your Birthday was GREAT!!! I knew it was coming, then forgot, then got the flu......guess I didn't need to bore you with that.
Now, is Joan "Cupcake" since you're Cookie? I haven't read all the details yet.
Have a nice birthday week! Congrats on your Etsy store. I'll be by even tho I don't spin, yet.

Cookie wants Cupcake? Too perfect. The batts v roving v fluff talk is over my head but they got me with the packaging.

Hope your birthday was wonderful!

Happy belated birthday Cookie! I hope it was a good one.

Oh my, they look so lovely! BUT, I am not starting to spin because of you, I am NOT!

So, as I commented on Joan's blog, I will have to pressure you, to do your magic on her, so the next stage of her adventure (is it hers alone or yours too?) will be to sell the yarn made from those lovelies to us non spinners between your groupies! You can count this as nagging no. 1!

I am slow today...didn't figure out that this was Joan's baby until I caught up on her blog. Those batts will be my first fiber purchase when the discretionary spending freeze thaws.

Apparently I missed your birthday, so happy belated! As for your post... BRILLIANT!! I love what you guys are doing with this! Best wishes for great success!

holy shit, Batman!! sorry I missed your new year day
Hippy fricken bday

Happy Birthday again, our Cookie! Congratulations on your new venture. You two are so clever to find a need and supply it in a very hard to resist fashion.

I've all ready succumbed. :D

Wooo! Congratulations! Mmm, they look good enough to eat.
and Happy belated birthday! (Damn I am behind. Still catching up this month :( Also, bleh, should have sent you more than 4 oz! Sorry, I didn't realize, I really should probably take up da spin so I am not so ignorant on these things)

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