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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I love the pinky stripeyness! Calf increases are the reason I keep my socks on the shortish side... :^0

Yes, Woo and a WooHoo to boot!

I love them. Have you tried Jeny's Super Stretchy bind off? I just love it and makes a good stretchy bind off pretty quick and easy.

For toe up you would need calf increases. I'm still doing it the old fashioned way of top down, therefore I do calf decreases. All my socks are knee highs.

They are fantastic!

They look wonderful! I'm blown away. Of course I am such a newbie that I carry my new handspun around the house for a day or two afterwards because I'm all, "Look I made yarn!!". Perhaps I will move to, "Look I made yarn and then I knit with it".

Lovely! But I expect nothing less. I might have time to spin today, now that we've cleared our driveway and the neighbor's driveway of the 24" of snow we got this morning. You heard me right.

Are you one ahead of Joan?
You'll be pretty in pink! (But, we already know that.)

I never would have expected that fiber to grow up into those socks - isn't spinning an amazing process? Nice job.

Ooh magic loop. I haven't gone there yet but then I have only knit three pairs of socks in my lifetime.
So pretty - you are are off to a great start!

those turned out great!!!!!

So very nice. :-)

Whooo!! Party Dress party socks! Handspun and handknit and footworn. (Darn, that worked out so much better before I typed it out.)

Sweeeeeeet like candy! Truly lovely. I'm wearing my PURPLE ones that you made me today. :)

Love, love, love. They came out great. I want to go spin up some fiber and knit myself some socks.

You will always be one ahead of me.

Or three.


Wooo! Love that color combination and they look great. Nice number one project. :D

Oh, they're cool! I love the stripes :-)

Pretty! I've noticed that my socks that used to fit over my calves a couple of years ago no longer fit as well... time to get outside and walk!

Lovely pair indeed! :)

pretty ankle warmers :)
one day, eh? Ha! I am still on pair one, about 3 years cast on (wait, I finally frogged the poor thing)...

Maybe lame titles, but beautiful knitting and, of course, wonderful Cookiesms!!!!

I love them. Very cool.

And happy birthday, you mahvelous, wonderful, Cookie, you!

(Yes, that was me stalking all over your blog. Just looking for something. Not to worry!)


The creases should disappear once you've washed the socks ... frankly, I didn't notice them until you said something.

I feel extreme likeyness for those.

Woohoo! Very pretty!
One FO down, 50 to go, right?

Those are great! I especially love how long they are, and 10 days is NOT a long time to knit a pair of socks! The magic loop line will wash out, I promise.

Your socks are beautiful!! I bet they're really comfy too.

These are very pretty! Nice work with the spinning and the knitting. Are you sick of them after spending so much time together or are you still pals?

Way nice, Ms. Cookie. Way nice. you are an inspiration to us all. I'm kinda getting the itch to spin some sock yarn. Makes me a little nervous, but if you can, I can! Lovely. What? Did someone up stream say birthday?

Birthday? No, no not yet but in a few days isn't it?

It makes my world settle down to see your first handspun handknit socks are pink!

Lurvely! I'm glad you have opted for the sweater. It's going to be marvelous - with a name like Party Dress, how could you not be?!

Those are gorgeous socks. So gorgeous in fact, they almost make me want to knit a pair of socks myself.

Why did I read the second to last line as, "Yes, I think this is going to be a year of lame TITTIES."???

Those came out great Cookie! The year of hand-spun?? I think I need one of those. :D

hah, 'lame titties'. snort. best comments.
Those socks are GORgeous!!! xox

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