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Wednesday, December 01, 2010


You knit something...


It's beautiful!


I love it! And you knit? I had no idea. (ducks and runs)

YAY!!! I'm so glad you made this pattern with all that yummy soft yarn. Sooooooooooooo pretty!!!

I'm thinking at least one more update before the end of the year... but we'll see. o.0

Very pretty! And I bet soft too with the cashmere...

It's warm you say? Maybe I need a cashmere sweater...temps here in ND are in the single digits. During the day.

Garter squishy + cashmere = mmmmm! I'm wearing a snood today and it's perfect for keeping me warm, but not suffocating me like a coat would, so I know what you mean!

That is lovely! The list of things I want to knit is growing. Stop it.

Oh cashmere! It's beautiful.

I wish I could touch it through the screen! Loverly!

How do you know that?

Pretty, pretty and so soft looking. Perfect for our freezing cold weather lately.

But, but...the ribs are very cool. How can you live without ribs?

It was the model that stole your heart. *joking*

I do love those colors of those yarns. It makes wish for touch-o-vision.

That is so very pretty. Cashmere? Perfect. And, you deserve cashmere.

"call in love"? How do you do that?


Like calling in sick, right?
Awesome. I didn't know you could knit.

Cashmere makes me hot, too.

pink shawl? you like pink???

- it is beautiful

I'll shut up

That is really pretty. I have made a Multnomah with Skinny Bugga and have a few more skeins of it to fondle, I mean knit up. Love that cashmere, and boy is it ever warm! (Not always my fondest desire right now, as I am having hot flashes to beat the band...)

Love! It's so great that those wonderful yarns finally had their day, and that you have a new scarf that will get you through the winter.


I have a skein of Bugga. I have been trying to figure out what to knit with it other than socks. I have a pattern but it might bore me to tears. Oh well. Your scarf looks beautiful.

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