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Tuesday, December 14, 2010




Ouch! That makes me glad I ride the bus.


Yikes! Ours is around $2.91/gallon but I've heard it's going up.

crikey. and I was pissed abut $2.75.

Ugly...but ours is not far behind. $3.14 yesterday.

Cookie..this is $1.50 less a gallon than what we are paying.

I get better mileage with my broom but its a cold ride this time of year.

Ouch! I guess I'll change my attitude about the $2.95 I just paid.

Cranky doesn't even touch how bad that is!

Yes, and I have a good bit of driving ahead. :o(

Can't wait for the good news :)


Augh! Way too high. Hooray for the happy!

Our local cheap gas is $3.19 and rising, so I feel your pain. And we got about 1/2" of snow last night, what my people call "a dusting", that lead to a 90 minute delay for the schools. Sigh. Don't these people know we get snow in New England?!

A cool HAPPY sounds wonderful!

Srsly? That is obscene!!! Hugs from freezer world!

Just filled this evening at $2.999, so we're not too far behind you. It's painful though. Do you suppose that it has something to do with the time of year?? o.0


I'm going to try to not think about that, and wonder about your really cool happy.


I continue to wish for reliable public transportation in my community. Here in Michigan, however, we worship The Automobile. I feel your pain.

Electric cars are looking better all the time. And then they'll raise those rates too!

$3.09 here yesterday. It's a pity when filling the tank doubles the value of your car...

Yeah, WTF?! I'm not pleased either. Ours is a little cheaper, but not a whole lot. Where are our solar powered cars? Who do I talk to about this injustice?!

Sorry, I'm cranky today. :)

About 30 cents more than my neighborhood....the Wisconsin neighborhood. I have no earthly of the DC fuel costs.

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