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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Get well soon, Cookiegrrl.

I'm envious of that bag. It's supposed to cool down to the 50's and rain here tomorrow. I can't remember when it last rained.

I LOVE the color of your knitting!

Hope your sore throat gets better.

Ooh, a "before" bag! Pretty darn cool.

I love clutch! (coinpurse? small bag?) Nice size and lovely sentiment. I am unsurprised you have the matching tote. Gift?

Get better! Bacon should do the trick.

Hee I knew about this bag in October :D I must say, yes it is perfect :)

Take care of yourself!


Great gifts! and perfect for you... I love my JessaLu bags (notice the son that). I saw those bacon bags and would have loved to order one if it a)wasn't Christmas time and b)things are tight and only in part because it is Christmas time. I had to show some will power and restraint, which are not my strong suits. Feel better (and yes, that is an order!)

Hot tea with loads of lemon and honey and maybe some red pepper on the side: my sister found out recently that red pepper are presumably loaded with Vitamin C!

Lovely sock in progress and present :)

I hope you feel better.
The sock is lovely and the bag divine.



/wipes tear.

I love that people make whole accessory lines around your attitude problem.

Love the bags and the knittings!

Take good care of yourself, our Cookie.

The bag is *perfect*!!

Bacon bags?1?!?!?! I knew there was a reason I read your blog. (Other than the knitting, of course)

Take care, girl. I love your socks and your new cowl.

I'd say "whiskey", but you wouldn't listen. So honey. Lots of honey, with or without lemon. Personally, I like the hot water/lemon juice/honey thing, but even just a big spoonful of honey by itself before you go to bed is a good thing.

When you said "honeymoon" I wasn't sure which honeymoon couple it would be about! I think they both know you very well.

Take a pint glass. Put 5 whole cloves in the bottom. Pour an inch or 3 of port over cloves. Fill the rest of the way up with hot water. Drink. Repeat as needed.

Ah, but did Jessica knit the cowl TWICE? I think not...(it is lovely though).

P.s. I too love 60 degree "winter" days.

Lovely! And perfect for you. Now you need to go add some pink streaks to your hair. Really. Either that or I'm exhausted from the running around today.

Awesome gifts! and I hope you feel better soon!

Oh, I want a Hate People bag too! Some days it's so true...

Get better quick!

Pretty pink socks BTW. :)

Love the bag. And the cowl. And the socks. And the project bag. Good stuff.

People who love bacon are not freaks! Bacon brought me back to being a carnivore, as I always suspected it would. :o)

Perfect gift!


Feel better soon!

(I think I've run out of exclamation points...)

I am not sure you can cure a sore throat (it's a symptom, not a disease in itself; cure the disease, cure the symptom) but gargling with warm salt water helps relieve the pain. Vitamin C doesn't hurt, either.

I like that little bag that matches your big bag.

What is that pink thing you are knitting? 'Tis a strange relic of days gone by? Waiting rooms, eh? I'm thinking good thoughts for you.

I hope you found the cure. Looks like you have plenty of advice.



Feel better!

And just for the record, I knit the cowl three times. But for three different people. ;-)


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