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Friday, December 17, 2010


I hope you feel better.

I'm sorry you're sick!

Have a good weekend!!!

Feel better soon!

Take some vitamin C too. It seems to help...

I'm sorry, Ms. Cookie - feel better!


*fans you*

I hope you feel better soonest! Break out the Emergen-C!

Hope you feel better.

Ack! no fun at all.... at least there is nothing important next week that you will miss!

Feel better soon. XOXO

Ah choooo!!
Don't forget the honey with that lemon.

Get well soon!

Poor sickie! Lemon and booze should help. Feel better soon!

Depends where you're mailing it

sending you mental shots of yummy stuff. try a hot toddy.

Feel better!

Ack! I would totally send you lemons. And Booze. And lemon booze. But the lemons in your 'hood are better than mine. Come to think of it, probably the booze is, too. Feel better!

Don't get me sick, yo.

Oy oy oy!!! I hope you will get better SOON!

How about I send booze with a fake label making it look like Liquid Plumber or something. I'll mail it with a fake return address and to your neighbor. That way nobody gets in trouble. Sounds like a perfect plan to me!

Feel better!


Bless you..I have wiped off the monitor and will not put the keyboard in my mouth..you never know!!

Buckley's is the best medicine...and knitting. Something simple, what I did with the silk lace knitting when I was sick had to be seen to be believed. It wasn't pretty and I am not sure that I am over it yet.

Rest...just rest.

Oh, dumplin'. Get well fast. The booze won't make you well, but you won't care as much either.

Did you give me the sore throat that I woke up with? Did I get it through your blog?

Feel better soon!

Hope you are feeling better. Or is this one of those evil illness that hangs around for a bit? I do hope not for your sake.

Feel better soon.

We miss you.

DRATS! Feel better very very soon, our Cookie. Hugs. Lots of them.

LOL Cookie!! Feel better! :D

Any improvement? You are missed!

I read PLAQUE warning. I thought it was either the stuff on your teeth or something fell off your wall and hit you! doh! Hope you are feeling better!

Bah, being sick sucks. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Telepathically willing fresh squeezed lemons, the choicest honey, and a generous glug (or two) of rum your way (plus boiling water, of course, but there's a limit to safe telepathy.) Hope you feel better soon (I fear you may have got it from me. Or maybe my kid.)

Oh noes! I hope you are well again today.


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