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Monday, December 13, 2010


Yes, it is Monday.

You should have snuck a picture, for all of us, of the extremely handsome very helpful man. I didn't know that handsome and helpful could coexist in one person!

Can't go anywhere without a coat around here... It never got above zero yesterday. Brr.

It has been a Monday in every sense here.

A line at the post office you say. My husband, who works at one here, said their packages have been way down this year. Maybe everyone is shipping late.

We had 50's today and it was a pleasure even if it did rain.

You like cooler weather? I could send you plenty (0˚ right now).

So, now you've confirmed it's Monday. I never want to see this Monday again! I am so very grateful it's over! Is it Friday YET!?
Nice photo.

It barely broke 20 and while there wasn't a lot of snow, it blew all over creation. Bah!

I have to go to the post office tomorrow. Ugh. And cool photo. I tried to take photos of jelly fish when I was in Vegas and it's HARD to capture those suckers!

I can't hate you because you have wonderful weather. That would be immature and silly. Great shot. No post office for me until after Christmas (IhopeIhopeIhope). Hugs!!!

I don't hate you for your weather. It was a record high in the low 80s here.

I'll be mailing out all my packages next Monday in probably even longer lines and a pile stacked over my head. Well, not quite that high. So much for trying to split them up.

We broke 80 today.

Well, its -25 C here with the windchill..that is really cold!! But excellent knitting weather..or would have been but I was working.

I think that I had some of the weirdest phone calls ever today...some day I am going to write a book. Can you imagine calling 911 to find out what the "non emergency 911 number is" Makes me want to reach out and touch someone...LOL

I think that its time to retire.

Today people kept saying, "it's snowing!" The look I tried to portray with my eyes was "Seriously? You call 3 microscopic snowflakes per cubic foot SNOW?!" But I think most of them missed it. And I bit my tongue to keep from saying it. I am denial about his whole XMess thing and haven't done anything. So there must be blocking and shipping.
But for now? I SPIN! ;-)

-2 with wind-chill.

oh, I love the deep ocean episode. That's the one with the crazy lake within a lake, right? Amaazing.

Ooooo - I love jellies!! And handsome men. Not necessarily in that order.

I secretly worship David Attenborough...

While in Israel, I went with my mother to an appointment and at the elevator some guy told us oh it is only 4-5 stairs down no need to wait for the elevator. While walking down the 20 or so stairs to our destination my mother declared: I sure hope he counts money better than he counts stairs!

And regarding Monday: at about 3 in the afternoon Joe told me: what, it is not Friday today?!? hehehehee

My Monday involved freezing rain followed by snow. And driving home from work in it at 11:30pm.
I don't hate you, but I may have growled a bit...

Can I come live with you until March? It is so effing cold out right now here in SE Michigan. I wore my wool socks this morning and didn't notice an appreciable difference from cotton socks. It was that cold. Do me a favor and go bask in the sun for me. We won't see that big yellow thing until May. Brrr!

I was in line at my post office yesterday. I survived. That is all.

I'm still trying to figure out why my PO was so busy, and the stores too.... Did everyone get the memo???? Christmas is cancelled!

At this point, it's Tuesday (I can't do anything on time this week) and it's at least 50 degrees colder here than by you. Isn't that special?


No. It's Tuesday. Well, now.

The extremely handsome man who was also nice is practically a Chrismas/California miracle. Nice!

We've had fog & rain. It was supposed to be sunny & in the 70's.

I watched those, too! However, I did not get much knitting done.

I'm glad your weather is wonderful and that you made it through the outings with your mother.


Gosh, I'm behind. Love the photo. Love handsome, helpful men. Did the post office with Wilson on Saturday. :D

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