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Monday, December 06, 2010


with or without earflaps and pom-pom? o.0

yep... still hate ya on the spinning.. lol


That may be simply because it is NOT a worsted weight. Your Joan should know.

Wow! Your yarn is lovely. It's yarn like that that makes me want to learn to spin.

You certainly did make yarn! Very nice. Love the color....

And babies most assuredly do need hats!

What Gale said.


Ooh, great hat pattern. Love the poms!

"I made yarn! LOOK!" is what I always squeal to my husband when I'm done spinning. He is well trained, with "that's very good" or "good job!" being his two approved answers to the previous statement.

Ooooh - you made GORGEOUS yarn!
Though we're no longer surprised, of course.

I have a pinhead.

Just sayin'. ;-D

How do you use the plying thingy? LOL I am trying to figure out where it goes?

Loved the yarn...the colour is stunning.

I am going to spin after I cast off this shawl..not sure what I was thinking selecting the picot edging? 325 stitches on the row..you cast on 2 for the picot then cast off 4? I should be done by Easter!

Thanks for the plying thingy link, I need to get one. Pretty, pretty handspun. But, let me get this straight...you made it a 4 ply, then you chain plied it after? Wild! Yeah, can you tell I'm not an exciting spinner ;)

The batt was exquisite and your yarn more so. I'll wish you well with your adventure in hat knitting if you model when finished.

That batt looked like a wonderful cloud and your yarn is beautiful.

I asked at my local LYS who has a drum carder to make batts, if I could bring in some wool and rent use. She said yes, $35 for half the day. I don't know if it's worth it.

I found a pound of fiber at the bottom of a tote, that I hid there years ago. It arrived to me partially felted, so rather than argue with the sellers, I hid it away.

Wow, nice! I really like the hat too - are you doing the pom pom version? With ear flaps?

All babies love hats. And willingly wear them.

Gorgeous - surely it should be lace :o)

Absolutely stunning, as always :)

Ahhhh, beauteeful!

Nice 8 ply.

Plus you've got 25 or maybe 24 days to cast-on as many projects as you have needles since they are allowed.

Man, you spin awfully fine. 4 ply and it's still not worsted weight? Amazing!

And, dearheart, a bad plan in better than no plan at all. Hugs!!!

you and your frog hair. pretty stuff, though.

It's gonna be lovely! Such a great color.

Beautiful yarn! Just beautiful!
It's going to make a great hat. Enjoy the knitting - that pattern looks like fun.

That is a gorgeous lavender - exactly like the flowers on the plant. Love!!


That yarn is lovely and I'm a huge fan of BFL too, so you must find a great pattern to pair this with. That hat is adorable and you must make it with pompoms! Please!!!

gorgeous - the color, the yarn, all of it.

Gorgeous yarn. Those are thin singles!! Thanks for the coin shot.

Hurraz is cool... and so it that plying thingy. You find the neatest shit. You must have stolen Carrie's last week. hahahahahha (facebook reference - she loses her shit, my OCD never does because I need to flip mine all the time) hahahah

The new yarn is so beautiful! The new color from drum carding is a reason to live. To have that yarn as a hat is probably a greatness that few babies can achieve, so I really think that hat needs to be for you.


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